Returning Home on an Empty Stomach

Returned home from Hawaii and Hong Kong Sunday night about 10:30.  Unfortunately, I came down with a case of food poisoning and was sick on the flight and subsequently unable to keep anything down until Monday afternoon.  The only thing I ate this weekend that Tawn did not eat was some congee with fried dough sticks at a restaurant in the iSquare Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. 

A trip to the doctor and the prescription of some meds seems to have helped.  I ate a bowl of (ironically) instant congee this afternoon and it is staying where it belongs.  Drinking lots of electrolyte beverages to rehydrate and will hopefully have the strength to start sharing pictures and stories from my trip tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “Returning Home on an Empty Stomach

  1. Chris! It might have been something we ate at my place! Coz I’ve got major stomach issues since last night. But how come Tawn and Chris are fine??? I’m thinking there might have been a rogue salad leaf or 2 that you and I were both unlucky enough to have eaten.

  2. That’s too bad Chris, I am sorry. Drink a lot of tender coconut water. It is loaded with electrolytes and so refreshing and pure.

  3. ai ya… congee (w/o the fried dough sticks) will help. Try and get some bananas into your system too. You might want to try to eat some yogurt as well. I hope the recovery will be quick.

  4. @ElusiveWords – @biggirlsdontcriyiyiyi – @stebow – @ZSA_MD – @Dezinerdreams – @Fatcat723 – @Roadlesstaken – @oxyGENE_08 – @CurryPuffy – @Randy7777 – @yang1815 – @amygwen – @AppsScraps – Thanks to everyone for your kind concern.  As of now, I’m mostly recovered although still a bit achy.@murisopsis – @kunhuo42 – Yeah, an airplane is not the place for it.  Thankfully, we were sitting in the front row, the toilet was nearby, and everything ended up okay.@tehls – Maybe, but that seems less likely than blaming the oily fried dough I had with the congee that afternoon, because my stomach was already feeling a little abnormal when we ate dinner.  In either case, I hope you’re on the mend soon.

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