Food in Bangkok: Sweethound

Yes, several of you are eager to see the photos and video of the food adventures I’ve had while Andy is in town, but it will take a day or two to process the videos since we’ve been eating the whole time!  In the meantime, let me leave you with some food porn…

Last Friday evening we had dinner with some of Tawn’s university friends, followed by dessert at Sweethound, the dessert branch of popular local chain Greyhound.


It was a pleasant evening for sitting outdoors as Tawn, Bim, and Pat played with their smart phones.


A double-chocolate mousee with whipped cream.


Crepes Suzette.  Orange sauce.  No flambe, sorry.


Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Rich and moist.


Chocolate banana cake.


Waffle with peanut butter, chocolate, and chopped peanuts.  Unlikely dessert but tasty.


0 thoughts on “Food in Bangkok: Sweethound

  1. thank u for da food porn. i looooveeee desserts… pix look amazing… ::i diee::ps have u tried da kfc egg tarts? i had sum in taiwan years ago… they were OK. surprisingly good for fast food chains but obviously still prefer the “real ones” from da lil hole in da wall bakery…

  2. @icepearlz – I had just a wee bite of each.  We had a group of 8 or so.@Roadlesstaken – The main restaurant, Greyhound, serves regular meals.  Sweethound is a kiosk outside that serves desserts only.  In essence, they just moved their dessert kitchen into a separate structure.  You can sit in the main restaurant and order only dessert if you want, as we did.@Sinful_Sundae – Haven’t tried the KFC egg tarts although in a recent taste test in one paper they ranked #2 in Bangkok….@CurryPuffy – J Avenue on Thong Lo@Passionflwr86 – If you love peanut butter (as I do) it was quite a treat.

  3. Wow! Dessert blog entries are always good πŸ™‚ Which one of those would you say is your favorite? The problem with desserts is that they all seem so good, it’s hard to just choose one when you’re ordering

  4. the only thing from all of the above that i would dig my fork into is the crepe suzette. not a big fan of chocolate desserts. but a good quality handmade dark chocolate of 65% and above is welcomed πŸ™‚

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