Great Eats in Bangkok Volume 1 – Guaytiaw

As Andy whirled into town for a three-day side trip from visiting his parents in Taipei, I had high hopes of producing this mega-video in which we would taste all the great things to eat in Bangkok.  Sure enough, during the course of two full days we ate a whole lot of things that would qualify for the “great eats” list.  But as I sat down to edit the video, I realized that I didn’t have enough footage to really address that many dishes.

Since I promised a video a few days ago, I’ve gone ahead and edited a first volume of what I expect will be at least a dozen (and probably more) videos that highlight various great eats in Bangkok.  Volume One focuses on guaytiaw – rice noodles – and particularly the pink-broth fish soup called yen ta fo.  It doesn’t provide as much depth on the various types of guaytiaw as I’d like, so I imagine a revisit of the subject will occur one of these days.

Before editing the next video, I’m going to shoot some more footage and do better advance planning so that I can make sure that future volumes provide you with the high level of quality that you deserve.  In the meantime, you can visit Andy’s blog to see some beautiful pictures of the other foods we ate and the places we went. 

Please share any feedback you have, let me know if there are any particular types of Thai food you would like me to address.

Thanks to Andy for taking the time and energy to visit.  We had lots of fun and look forward to seeing you again soon.

0 thoughts on “Great Eats in Bangkok Volume 1 – Guaytiaw

  1. I want this so much! I would like to go to Thailand and eat everything you have described. You really should do a travel food show. You have a way of telling the story that comes off as genuine, witty, descriptive and interesting.

  2. I think you should have a standard opening (I love that wok scene near the beginning!). This is an excellent concept. I love the bits of history and perspective (e.g. background on kway tew). As you were going through the condiments, I guess you didn’t have enough footage of all of it. I like the flow, the narrative, the street sounds. Will the budget allow for a HD camera? Does Andy have a speaking part?

  3. I like the video! The editing throughout is very smooth. The ending with the Thai cat was cute! Did you guys eat at that pad thai place we went to? I still remember how delicious the pad thai is, I hope you can bring us over there again when we visit!ps. Great script and topics you talked about too!

  4. I’m looking forward to this introduction to Thai food. It’s sad to say, but I’ve only recently in the last few years become acquainted with Thai food… Man was I missing out! These vids will be my crash course. ^o^ Thanks for taking the time and effort to set these up. =)- Cheers

  5. It is lunch time and I’m drooling! I am going to go get lunch right now!! I’m thinking squid would be good… or maybe some curry. You are going to feature some good curries, yes?

  6. I love Thailand I their food! I miss eating all the delicious Thai food accompanied with coconut juice. It’s almost a must to have coconut juice, bird’s nest and shark fins over at Thailand for me. Pad Thai and Pineapple rice too.

  7. Very well put together!  I closed my eyes, savored the smell and flavor of the soup noodles.  Wow!  To think of it, I do not think I have riden a thai motorcycle or ate at a side-walk noodle shop yet.  I need to put them on my list to do next time.  You should start your own FOOD channel, Chris, hehe.  Look forward to more. 

  8. I loved the video, and the narrative. The noodles looked great, and the way you guys were chomping at it, I know it had to be great.I noticed the guy driving the motor bikes were wearing the helmets, while the passengers didn’t. This is the same practice in India, and was very surprised. As you know, in Illinois, both have to have the helmets on. Ok now I am going to Andy’s blog. Thanks Chris.

  9. @ElusiveWords – Matt, thanks for the constructive feedback.  I agree about the need for a standard opening and that wok flare-up is a likely candidate.  Took me quite a while to clean the lens of oil after shooting that.  As for footage, yes there was a shortage as is evidenced by the lame still photo cutaway!  Definitely need to plan future bits better so there are wide, medium, and cutaway shots.  Regarding HD, the video was shot in HD but I chose to upload it in a lower resolution just to save time.  I can reprocess and repost if you’d like, but the original is full HD.@ZSA_MD – Ostensibly, they are supposed to have a helmet available for passengers.  In reality, no such luck…

  10. @awoolham – @Roadlesstaken – @osmundaregalis – Thanks for recommending the post.  I’ll do my very best to make sure subsequent episodes meet your high expectations!  =D@yang1815 – Lots of tags so that I can search for it more easily in the future.  Not sure why “1” is tagged, though…@ItsWhatEyeKnow – @oxyGENE_08 – @jandsschultz – @p00kins – @Sinful_Sundae – @Southeast_Beauty – @marc11864 – Glad you all enjoyed this.  I’ll try to get a new episode up in about a week’s time as I need to shoot more footage for some of the other foods Andy and I tried.@yang1815 – Yeah, for being so vocal in person you sure clam up when the camera is turned on you.  =P@Fatcat723 – I hope your local Thai restaurant was able to quench your cravings.@stevew918 – Next time you’re back in town, Steve, we’ll go somewhere streetside.@Candilicious_Meanie – You know, Tawn actually made some pineapple fried rice at home last week. I have pictures and will post it this week.  Stay tuned.@murisopsis – On the topic of curries, something I’m rolling around in my head is to actually try making some curries from scratch.@Heather_Also – My pleasure.  Thai food is really wonderful and I think the conception people have from Thai restaurants overseas is sometimes… incomplete, for lack of a better word. @CurryPuffy – Gary, Pad Thai Ari has closed all their branches but the one in Emporium.  While it is good, I think it isn’t as nice as the old one on Soi Ari was.  Right now, Jim Thompson House is making something close to my favorite pad that.

  11. we have many guaytiaw dishes here in jakarta but never had one in bangkok to know the difference. this would be on top of my list of things to eat if ever return to bangkok.

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