0 thoughts on “A Visitor in Town

  1. This made my day! I love to live vicariously as you eat all those exotic and oh so delicious foods… I was telling a friend about the size of the prawns but I don’t think she believed me.

  2. Ooo Emmm Geeee ! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! ::scream like a lil high school girl:: this is so exciting ::ahhhhhhhhh:: really looking forward to it!!! videos videos videos. food food food. cheers!!!!!!please update soon!!! ::giggle like a lil high school girl:: HEHEHEHEHE TEEHEHE@yang1815 –  YAY ANDY! (oh and show me too hahahaha)

  3. Hiya~ Just followed a link from Andy’s blog. ^o^ Looks like it will be fun. =) I couldn’t help but notice two things in the v-blog. 1) You have a beautifully decorated house!! 2) I am wondering who’s gorgeous zoom lens with attached monopod is sitting in front of Andy???? O.O ❤

  4. @Heather_Also – Welcome.  Andy was mentioning you today, actually.  Thanks for the nice comment about the house – I’ll let my husband know.  The gorgeous zoom lens is Andy’s.  I’ll try to have the video done by Friday.@CurryPuffy – Wow, I set the expectations way too high, didn’t I?  Andy’s not much of a in front of the camera person…  =P@sandelion23 – Oh, thank you very much.

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