Not Wanting to Wait

Most of the time I try to update my blog every other day, but my internet service provider seems to sense when I’m getting ready to upload photos (usually in the evening) and slows my connection down, often cutting off access to Xanga entirely.  It is almost as if True Corporation is deliberately keeping me from posting.  Anyhow, I tricked them today by sneaking in a morning post!


A month into the pool remodel project, the tile work is almost done.  You will recall that our plans for a poolside Thanksgiving potluck party were interrupted by the announcement last month that the pool renovation would commence the next day.  Thankfully, that worked out okay.

In fact, this picture is four days old.  In the meantime they have laid the rest of the pool tile and grouted the whole thing.  According to the schedule, there is a month left in the project, which leads me to wonder what else needs to happen that would take so long.  Maybe you need to let the tile adhesive and grout cure for a few weeks?  They do need to fix the light fixtures and finishes the edge tile, plus I think the pump system will be replaced, too.


Yesterday, I had to run an errand to the Silom district.  While descending from the pedestrian walkway I caught sight of this motorbike driver who was trying to keep his load balanced.  “What was he carrying?” I wondered.


Sure enough, loads and loads of green onions.  Who in the world needs so many green onions delivered all at once?  Or maybe this is a new Community Supported Agriculture initiative in which farmers deliver direct by motorbike?


0 thoughts on “Not Wanting to Wait

  1. you haven’t seen anything yet. here in indonesia we have guys on motorcycles delivering long steel rods and even a refrigerator. once i saw a man with a kid at the front, a second kid behind him, and behind the second kid is the mother carrying a baby. imagine that. what’s worse, i’ve seen tons of LIVE chicken all tied up with their legs together at the back seat with their heads dangling down breathing exhaust fumes from the motorcycle and other vehicles. people would don’t own a car would do anything to make a delivery possible.

  2. @rudyhou – I’ve seen people move some pretty big loads here, but never have my camera handy at the moment.  Five to a bike, I’ve seen.  Live chickens with their legs tied together?  Haven’t seen that.  Do they asphyxiate that way?@Fatcat723 – Yeah, I was going to ask whether green onions have the same effect on vampires as garlic.  Maybe French vampires?@turningreen – Green Onion Man!@yang1815 – Time for a trim, then.@puella_sapiens216 – Wait till he goes and picks up a load of dried, salted squid.  Blech.@lil_squirrel4ever – I’m glad this made your day.@murisopsis – Eau de Shallot?@stevew918 – For the right price, I’m sure he would even give you a ride.@bengozen – Huh?@ThePrince – His cousin was one traffic light behind with the cilantro.  This is one HUGE batch of salsa they are making!@Roadlesstaken – How terribly self-conscious he must have felt.  “Oh, brother – now I’m going to be on Facebook…”@New_Egyptian – The mixed pattern of shades of blue will look really nice with the water and sunlight.  Am eager for them to finish.

  3. I’m not sure that guy with the onions would get away with that load on a bike over here ! How on earth does he keep that bike balanced ?! Although, I suppose if he’s been doing that for a while, he’s got a knack for it now.

  4. I’ve seen pictures of the entire family on one of these motorcycles… w/o helmets! (ok ok… it’s still taking me awhile to get used to this). I ran out of spring onions, I wonder if he delivers.

  5. @ElusiveWords –  Yeah, the whole family on the back of a motorbike w/o helmets stopped phasing me after awhile. (Ready for the punchline? All together now:) I’m trying not to be a farang anymore. =D@Chatamanda –  No doubt there are a few rules about safe driving that apply in places like the US and the UK that would keep onion delivery guy from getting very far down the A5 motorway, for example.

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