Chatuchak Weekend Market T-Shirts

One of the big tourist attractions in Bangkok is the Chatuchak (sometimes “Jatujak” or “JJ”) Weekend Market.  Open only on Saturdays and Sundays, this modern-day bazaar features thousands of vendors selling just about everything under the sun. 


Last weekend we went there with a visiting friend to eat at Foon Talob, the popular fried chicken and green papaya salad restaurant.  (You can read an entry about Foon Talob here.)  Sadly, I think the chicken wasn’t as good as usual, somewhat greasy and soggy.  After the chicken, though, we did some shopping – something I almost never get involved in as shopping isn’t my thing and hot, crowded shopping is even less my thing.


One thing that caught my eye were some of the t-shirt designs available at several shops.  I don’t know if all of these are unique to the vendors or if they are bought from some other source.  Generally, Chatuchak creates an opportunity for small designers to sell their own merchandise.  Sometimes, though, the vendors are simply selling products designed and produced by other people.


This one, of a large foam monster seeking his “Number One” hand, made me laugh.  Who thinks of these things?


This one I actually bought for 150 baht – about $5.  I like the way the elephants are drawn and the idea of using a giraffe to lift the elephant is funny.


0 thoughts on “Chatuchak Weekend Market T-Shirts

  1. Good choice in picking up the cut t-shirt. I got a few here in india. One of them, with just an outline of a bald man with glasses, and in just a loin cloth, and a long walking stick, ( Gandhi ), and a caption that says, ” keep walking.”  is my favorite. I might take pictures of some of these t shirts and post them once I am home on Sunday.Leaving for home tonight.

  2. @yang1815 – @Fatcat723 – @Roadlesstaken – @Ikwa – @kenpcho – @m3galomaniac – @Sinful_Sundae – If this were Oprah’s blog, there would be a free t-shirt under everyone’s keyboard.@CurryPuffy – You know, I rarely walk from the skytrain.  Usually, I take the subway instead as the station is right inside the market.@ZSA_MD – Oh, do take pictures and share with us.  That would be fun!@murisopsis – @stepaside_loser – @TheCheshireGrins – That shirt is so whimsical.@alextebow – I think that one represents some very dark vision of the world!  =D@giganticdark – How have you been, stranger?

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