Juggling Guests and Prep Work

A trio of guests from Kansas City as well as a guest from New York City are in town.  We haven’t had a chance to see the NYC guest yet (hopefully Sunday) but have been showing the KC guests around.  We did an interesting little trip in which we tried seven different modes of transportation (subway, railway, airport express, canal taxi, tuk tuk, river taxi, and Skytrain) on our way to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

I’ll write more about that trip and share some pictures in the next few days, but I just have to say that it was a really interesting way to see many different sides of Bangkok.  Also, today we did a half-day bicycle ride that went from the heart of the busy Sukhumvit district through the slums of Khlongtoey across the river to the urban jungle of Phra Pradaeng.  My guests are sure getting their money’s worth!

At the same time, I’m trying to wrap up a few work projects and also get the prep work done for Saturday’s Thanksgiving dinner.  I’ve cooked the turkey breasts already, sliced them, and they are sitting in some broth in the fridge.  The cranberry-walnut relish is cooking right now.  Gravy is made but needs to be thinned and seasoned.  Bread cubes cut and toasted for the stuffing, although I won’t cook it until Saturday morning.

Whew!   A whole lot going on.  For those of you in the US, I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

0 thoughts on “Juggling Guests and Prep Work

  1. Oh, we made turkey breast too! Hopefully, we can post them soon. Can’t wait to ‘check out’ your turkey, and you guys have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! *gobble gobble*

  2. Sounds like your TDay and ours will be similar. Patrick is cooking here at the house on Saturday as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone.Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tawn.

  3. My goodness you and Tawn are quite the hosts!!! I know that your Thanksgiving Dinner will be wonderful…I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!! Pat couldn’t stand it…he is going to make a turkey and SOME of the trimmings on Sunday….hopefully Dionna, Tom and Kieran can come and join us…and help us eat all of the food and also help us trim the Christmas Tree!!! Tis the Season!! Ruth Ann

  4. @Redlegsix –  Better late than never, I say! =D@stebow –  Thank you. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too. There’s plenty to be thankful for this year!@stevew918 –  Lists… lots and lots of lists. And a healthy does of anxiety. Ha ha…@murisopsis –  I hope we’re able to, too. Am trying to build in some space where there aren’t must-do’s. Also, holding the party in the cafe instead of our home will help reduce some of the stress.@CurryPuffy –  I’m sure our turkey won’t be as pretty as yours! Ha ha…@Fatcat723 –  Oh, I hope there isn’t any leftover turkey. We’re going to be out of town most of next week so won’t have time to eat any leftovers.@yang1815 –  Thank you.

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