Prep Work

As I mentioned in a previous post, Tawn and I are hosting a potluck Thanksgiving party on Saturday.  While it is a “potluck” in name, in reality I am still doing quite a bit of cooking.

Originally, I offered to make the turkey and gravy.  These are kind of difficult to bring to a party so it is easier to make it myself.  Plus, as host, I like the idea of making the main dish.  I asked guests to volunteer for other dishes, providing a list. 

Cranberry sauce was given wide berth – everyone seems to like eating it but nobody wants to make it.  Okay, fair enough.  It is easy to make and I can make it a few days in advance so I’ll do that.

Then it came to the stuffing.  One friend did volunteer to do that, but he doesn’t have an oven so there isn’t really any way to do that.  So this morning I’m toasting bread cubes and tomorrow will make stuffing.

Maybe I need to re-read the book, “When I Say No, I Feel Guilty.”

Ha ha…

In all fairness, I have guests preparing mashed potatoes, vegetable side dishes, salad, fruit, and many desserts, so everyone is pitching in.  I just thought it was funny that with some 26 guests coming, I’m still making stuffing and cranberry salad.

0 thoughts on “Prep Work

  1. You make your cranberry sauce from scratch?? I am SO impressed!!! I get MY cranberry out of an Ocean Spray Can!!! But I do make a MEAN cranberry salad…Cranberry/Pineapple Minis from the Jello website…I love it!!! We will be doing no cooking this year…we are going to Warsaw Mo. to meet with the inlaws and go out to dinner with them…but then I think I already told you that…lol. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !!!!Ruth Ann

  2. You need to get bossy! Tell the stuffing guy that you want him to make the cranberry relish – give him a recipe and let go. Haha! But that is very hard to do when you are a perfectionist… I do really understand. I just finished baking 5 pies (4 pumpkin and 1 apple-cranberry). I have the ingredients for that all-American staple, green bean casserole, packed and ready for transport to my mother’s house.

  3. @yang1815 – Well, regarding the stuffing we do have the problem that most people here do not have ovens.  Especially those who live in condos.  Tawn and I are exceptions to the rule.@vsan79 – The more the merrier…@foggysunnymorning –  Thank you.  I’m sure we’ll have a good time.@murisopsis – Yes, I’m not bossy enough.  Some would argue that isn’t the case, though.  =D  Have a happy Thanksgiving and tell your mother hello for me.  She isn’t blogging as often these days.@Redlegsix – Oh, cranberry sauce from scratch is really easy.  They are an easy ingredient with which to work and I think it tastes so much better than the canned stuff.  Happy Tday to you and Pat.

  4. May I come? I’ll bring some instant noodles. I didn’t realize most people don’t have ovens in their condos. I guess baking and roasting in the tropical heat is not a popular thing.

  5. Maybe your cranberry sauce is special and everyone was just hoping you’d make it 🙂 A little bit a stretch, but hey, totally plausible! Have a wonderful thanksgiving meal with your friend!

  6. wow, sounds like a big meal in the works! that’s kind of odd to volunteer to make something that you can’t make…. oh well. i’m sure your stuffing will come out very good.

  7. @ElusiveWords – Baking and roasting are not generally things you do at home here, especially inside a condo.  If you had a regular home with an outdoor kitchen, it might work okay.  Please let me know what type of noodles you are bringing.@AzureRecollections – Yes, a bit of a stretch.  =D@kunhuo42 – Good intentions, I guess, led him to volunteer for something he can’t actually make!  Ha ha… no harm done.@TheCheshireGrins – Thanks.@sanjuska – I will, thanks.

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