Brief Pause in Updating

Hi friends – I’m traveling for a few days and instead of spending a lot of that time updating my blog and reading subscriptions, I’m going to leave the computer shut off and just enjoy being on holiday.  I’ll update upon my return.  Meanwhile, let me leave you with a picture from where I am.  Let’s see if you can guess the location.


Friday night, rush hour.


0 thoughts on “Brief Pause in Updating

  1. Where ever it is….they love texting as much as we do here in the US…lol. Enjoy your vacation….I have been “pausing in updating” for quite a while…but somehow I don’t think many miss it…lol.Enjoy!! Ruth Ann

  2. @sir_spamalot – Ha ha!  Good response.@ElusiveWords – @agmhkg – Yeah, someone gave it away.  Guess I didn’t coordinate too well with him… =D@icepearlz – @AzureRecollections – @Redlegsix – @CurryPuffy – @ZSA_MD – @lil_squirrel4ever – @beowulf222 – A border run to Hong Kong was the right answer.  This picture was taken at rush hour on Friday evening in the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.  Crazy busy.

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