Dinner with the Mac Cream Pie

Before leaving for Hong Kong, I wrote about my second attempt baking a macadamia nut cream pie.  I didn’t, however, share the rest of the meal.


Preceding the pie we had a nice mixed green salad along with homemade focaccia bread based on a recent Cook’s Illustrated recipe.


Served with a main course of braised pork with star anise, ginger, and bok choy, the same recipe I made a few weeks ago, served over rice.  This dish is getting better each time as I’m figuring out how to build a more complex flavor out of the stew.  Finishing with some soy sauce and some chopped garlic in chili oil definitely moves it forward a few steps.


15 thoughts on “Dinner with the Mac Cream Pie

  1. i knew it. checking this entry would make me hungier. the pie looks too tempting. give me some. give me some :)btw, what do you call the leaf you put on the dish, pechay?

  2. I ❤ focaccia bread! Wait, what am I talking about, I pretty much love all my carbs… lol. I really like the pseudo-pizza focaccia’s though, with sun-dried tomatoes on top.

  3. Looks yummy. I stopped at the Super H Mart in Atlanta and we got some Vietnamese bread. All the bread looked good – too good. Had to make a decision and it was difficult to walk away with so many loaves left behind… Your bread looks just as good.

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