After the Rains

It is rainy season here in Thailand and true to norm, September is proving to be the wettest month.  Almost every evening we have heavy rains here in Bangkok and we’re even having several days with on and off showers.  The air is cooler than normal, which is nice, but the humidity hasn’t been below 65% in two months.  Still, I prefer rainy season to the hot season.


Here’s an audio clip I recorded last night about midnight after the rain had stopped.  Various creatures are croaking and chirping in the background as the occassional drop falls from one palm frond to the next.


0 thoughts on “After the Rains

  1. Oh, I can just so see you hanging out the window with a huge furry microphone sticking into the trees around your house. *haha* Just like the wildlife filmmakers/sound engineers do. Maybe because everything has been plastered up, but I don’t hear much chirping at night here in Sillypore.

  2. @beowulf222 –  Nothing so fancy, lah! Just an Olympus pocket-sized audio recorder and a stereo lavalier mic.@Chatamanda –  Yeah, I return to the topic of rain and flooding about twice a year. I never cease to be amazed by it.@Passionflwr86 –  I’m glad you enjoyed the clip. It is very lush here, even for a dense urban environment. While you don’t see it along the pedestrian footpaths, if you look down from a higher spot, you realize just how green this city is. There’s one empty plot of land nearby that the denuded to build a condo, but the plan fell through. In six months, it is covered with these bushes that are about 2 meters (6.5 feet) high. Nature quickly takes over!@Wangium –  Me, too. The winter months in Northern California are really nice, the overcast, day-long drizzle.

  3. @CurryPuffy – Lots of thunder and lightning.  Very, very frightening.  This is starting to sound like a Queen song.@amygwen – If you get caught out in it, it isn’t so fun.  If you’re hanging out indoors, it is much more pleasant.@Dezinerdreams – Somewhere I read that the La Nina effect in the Pacific this year is causing a lot more rain than normal here in Southern Asia.@everyday_yogi – Glad you did.

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