Somewhere between Pride and Gluttony

I know pride is one of the seven mortal sins, so I’m going to try to write this entry in the least prideful way possible.  Going through my photos of food I’ve cooked this year, I thought there were several pretty pictures so I posted them all as a Facebook album.  When I was looking at the main page of the album, I was pretty satisfied with the way it looked.

2010 Food

Looks pretty professional, right?  Of course, looks can be deceiving!  But since they are all about food, I’m not sure if the sin I’m committing is more one of pride or one of gluttony.


0 thoughts on “Somewhere between Pride and Gluttony

  1. @ZenPaper – @epiginoskete – Lust, envy, pride, gluttony… Oh, we’re all damned… =D@icepearlz – I’m happy with this new Panasonic Lumix LX3 I’ve been using for the past year.  It has really good low light handling (perfect for restaurants) and macro and manual focus controls with a wide angle lens, so I can get nice and close to the food and capture lots of detail.@Fatcat723 – I enjoy cooking.  It is a nice change of pace from working in front of the computer all day.@Wangium – Why?  Not enough?@Roadlesstaken – @foggysunnymorning – @Chatamanda – @Southeast_Beauty – @yang1815 – @stevew918 – Thanks everyone.  Glad you enjoyed.@KidGohan – What were you making in the dorm?  I would think the cooking facilities must have been pretty limited. 

  2. You are a professional Chris, and you know it. Pride or Gluttony, who the heck cares! I just want to inhale everything that you have posted here ( sans pork stuff ), and feel that I have finally found peace in my stomach!

  3. @ZSA_MD –  Each time I make a pork dish (since pork is perhaps the most common meat among non-Muslim Thais), I feel a little guilty and think, “Okay, that’s one more dish I couldn’t serve when Zakiah and M come visit…”@Umnenga –  That was the unnamed eighth sin…@grammarboy –  That’s good – picky eaters aren’t generally welcome.@Dezinerdreams –  Oh, but I bet it was tasty nonetheless. What does your everyday lunch consist of?@Southeast_Beauty –  Even if I were to try, I doubt I could resist writing about food and my (mis)adventures in the kitchen.

  4. @Dezinerdreams –  Oh, you’ve just lucked out, haven’t you? Take some pictures – I’m curious to see what she’s feeding you.@ZSA_MD –  Yeah, but I don’t want any of my recipes to be off limits. Well, they would be off limits to vegetarians but I could still bake them biscuits.@RespiceAdspiceProspice –  It doesn’t just have to be things that turn out wonderful. I think homemade food is worth celebrating even when it is ordinary and everyday.

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