A Few Days Away

For the final week of our houseguest’s visit, she and I are up in Chiang Mai province in the north of Thailand.  I’ll resume blogging once I’m back at week’s end.

Hope everyone is well!


0 thoughts on “A Few Days Away

  1. Have a fun trip Chris. Received the birthday card.Gosh, you are sweet. Thank you. btw, my friend will be emailing you too; hope it won’t go into spam.

  2. CHiang Mai…one place that I had wanted to visit when we were in Thailand but never made it there. Maybe NEXT time!! Take lots of pictures so I can enjoy it through your eyes. Ruth Ann

  3. never been to chiang mai before. bangkok is the only place in thailand i have ever been to. and that’s for business too. do shares pics if you can for us dreamers out here.

  4. @rudyhou – I do have some pics and will share them in the coming week or so.  Thanks for your subscription.@amygwen – Yeah, the food up in the North is great.  Brought some sai oua and nam prik oom back for Tawn.@Redlegsix – Did you not make it up there when you lived here?  That’s a shame.  I know it has changed a tremendous amount since those days.@arenadi – Yeah, me without my camera.  Imagine that.  =P@ZSA_MD – Glad you rec’d the birthday card in a timely manner.  Have heard from your friend and provided several emails of information.@ElusiveWords – Kind of an anti-Thailand thing.@Norcani – @brooklyn2028 – @yang1815 – @Dezinerdreams – Thank you@stevew918 – It is a nice city and the food is worth a visit.

  5. I want to go to Thailand…Even though I’ve read so much of your blog, I am still a bit intimidated by Thailand.I have no idea how I would get around without knowing a bit of Thai…What do I have to watch out for? I think I am going to plan a trip there.What’s the best time of the year to visit?

  6. @Wangium – You guys are more than welcome to come for a visit.  Tawn and I will make sure your trip goes very smoothly and that the lack of Thai language skills isn’t an issue.  Seriously, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help plan.  The coolest time of the year is November – February.  That’s also high season so more tourists and higher prices.  The hottest time of the year is March – May.  Unless you specifically want to be here when it is hot, I’d avoid that season.  A nice compromise is our rainy season, June – October.  Especially in the later half of it, the weather is a little cooler because of the rain and like Hawai’i, the showers are pretty predictable.I have a little guide I wrote up for guests about things to do and see in Thailand. Would be happy to email it to you.

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