Real Perspective

Adjacent to the Surasak Skytrain station, there is an abandoned, partially-finished building that is a casualty of the 1997 Asian economic crisis.  At a prime location, for whatever reason nobody has stepped in to finish the building which was already being fitted out with duct work for ventilation – meaning all the structural work was complete.

The building is usually subjected to various graffiti.  Recently, though, I noticed that an entire floor’s worth of graffiti had been painted over and there was a new bit of word art.

Depending on where you stand, the parts of the word come together.  Perhaps the underlying message is that you have to have the right perspective in order to discern what is real.

0 thoughts on “Real Perspective

  1. Wow, gives meaning to the notion that “reality” or “what is real” is dependent on where you stand. It’s so clever and I’m sure it was done by some working class people who did not profit from the economic crisis and are continually being marginalized by their own culture.

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