Thai Geckos

Thanks to Carey for sharing this funny Thai commercial for ceiling panels.  Thought you would enjoy it.

At the end of the commercial, the son is hysterically shouting, “Why didn’t you use Shera Flexy-board?  You’re the one who killed the Geckos!” to his father.

22 thoughts on “Thai Geckos

  1. ah, how gory and sweet. It made me think of the geckos who used to hang out on my bedroom wall when I lived in the Barbados. They did such a super job keeping the no-see-em bugs at bay.

  2. Even not knowing Thai this was good. The tear falling and then the people looking up and saying no don’t only to have the gecko fling itself down to die with its mate…. an award winning piece of work.

  3. @XXKimPossibleXX – Wow, that’s pretty amazing!  It was wonderful, although the blowing hair when she was playing during the competition was a little too “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”!  Thanks for sharing.@murisopsis – It really crosses languages and cultures, doesn’t it?@AppsScraps – Yes, there was just a bit of gore, wasn’t there?

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