Trish Offers Us a Discount on Teal Lotus Outfits

Many of you may recall my good friend Trish, a stylish woman from Kansas City, who has visited us here in Thailand twice, most recently in November 2008.  The purpose of that visit was to put the pieces together for her new company, Teal Lotus.  Teal Lotus creates custom made 100% Thai silk woman’s wear in designs that are classic, timeless and flattering to women of all ages and body types.

The inspiration for her company came with Trish’s first visit to Thailand in 2006.  While here, Trish had some outfits custom made based on her own designs.  They turned out wonderfully and when she wore them, she received frequent compliments and inquiries about where she bought them.  Trish quickly spotted a business opportunity and set about creating Teal Lotus.

Part of that process included working with dressmakers here in Krungthep, refining designs and creating patterns that could be easily modified for each customer’s unique measurements.  One thing Trish insisted on: Teal Lotus garments would carry only one size – yours.


Above: Trish, flanked by her assistant Bulan, discuss measurements with a local dressmaker.

In addition to negotiating with dressmakers and addressing production and logistics questions, Trish had to source the silk.  She was very particular about both the quality and the variety of colors she wanted.  We eventually located a factory that met her specifications in Nakhon Ratchasima province.  The owner walked us through the entire production process and was happy to let me take photos.


Since returning home ten months ago, Trish set up her website,, and started filling orders for customers.  While back in Kansas City this summer, I did a photo shoot for her to get pictures of several different outfits modeled by friends and family members, including my sister and grandmother.

The purpose of the shoot was so Trish could pull together an advertisement (pictured below) in a local Kansas City magazine.


While taking the pictures, I mentioned to Trish that when I originally wrote about her visit to Thailand last November, I received several inquiries from readers about the availability of Teal Lotus outfits.  Because of this interest, I asked Trish whether she would be willing to offer a promotional discount to readers of my blog.  Of course she said yes.

So, dear readers, here is my own form of economic stimulus, well-timed since the holidays (and all the parties that the holidays bring about) are coming soon.  Please feel free to visit Trish’s site at  If you see anything that you would like to order, please send me a message before you complete the order and I’ll be happy to share the code for a 20% discount with you.

Remember, each Teal Lotus garment is custom made to your exact measurements (or the exact measurements of the special lady for whom you are buying it), ensuring a flattering fit.  And each garment is made from 100% Thai silk, the most beautiful silk in the world.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

0 thoughts on “Trish Offers Us a Discount on Teal Lotus Outfits

  1. Glad Trish has her business up and running!  I went to her web site and looked around. Hope the economy doesn’t hurt her – it is a tough time to start a new venture…

  2. @Dezinerdreams – Oh, thank you Vivek.  Very nice of you to say.@Wangium – Thin rice noodles available in twenty vibrant colors!  =P@slmret – @yang1815 – Thanks, I think they are, too.@brooklyn2028 – @murisopsis – Yes, entrepreneurial spirit is something I’m always in awe of.  Thankfully, this is a side business for her at the moment and not something she’s relying on full-time.  I’m hoping it takes off, though.

  3. thanks for thinking of us females….well done. I always wonder how the Thai procure their silk textile processing and your pictures tell me the story.  By the way, is there silkworm farming in Thailand on a large scale as in China?  have a good day

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