Video – Our Wedding Ceremony

3810387085_7a25877a5e_b This may be of limited interest, but some people have enquired about video from our wedding ceremony.  I’ve edited it together along with some pictures from our more than nine years together. 

The audio isn’t perfect – why didn’t I think to pack lavalier mics for everyone and a mixer? – but you’ll get the sense of what a humble, midwestern civil ceremony looks like.

The vows we exchanged were our own, the same ones we used for our commitment ceremony in September, 2004.  Very cool that the justice agreed to use them.

Warning: Shocking footage of a same-sex couple enjoying equal rights. 



0 thoughts on “Video – Our Wedding Ceremony

  1. This so beautiful… you guys are absolutely adorable together. Congratulation again! My favorite of all is the black and white shot in Bangkok 2005 even though it looks like it from some sort of a professional photoshoot.

  2. @Dezinerdreams – Actually it was from a professional photoshoot, an over-airbrushed one at that.  Shortly after Tawn moved back he decided that on my next visit we should go to one of the wedding portrait studios and do a shoot.  The whole thing was a bit farcical but some of the pictures turned out nicely.

  3. Chris and Tawn that was just beautiful.  My eyes are all teary.   Congratulations to you both – you are a gorgeous couple.   Hugs V  – thank you for sharing it with us…

  4. What a lovely, thoughtful ceremony!!! I am so pleased that you shared it with us. I especially appreciated the vows that you shared with each other…so loving and supportive!!! Ruth Ann

  5. When I saw this last night, I didn’t put on my reading glasses. I thought the caption said “Warning: shocking footage of some sex couple enjoying equal nights” I was wondering what on earth were you posting?

  6. @TheCheshireGrins –  Oh, thank you.@ElusiveWords – @yang1815 – Andy was instrumental in documenting the event (as well as being an official witness for the licensing) but it was actually Ryan who was wandering through the frame shooting pictures. @ElusiveWords – Yeah, I was trying to shock Zakiah.@Redlegsix – @venice – @dan – @iStephanieMarie – @Renatojr3 – @epiginoskete – Thanks.  Glad you liked it.@lcfu – Nice Thai!  LOL 

  7. What a beautiful ceremony.  I wish for both of you a long, joyfilled life together.  I wish for you to be together til you are both senior citizens sitting on your front porch remembering the beautiful life you have spent together.  Thank you for sharing your love and joy in this video.

  8. First off, congratulations once again. The judge really looks and sounded like as if there was little left he hadn’t seen. Oh, and Chris … in 2000 you had so much more hair. *SCNR*

  9. @doiturselfer – I’m really surprised.  I figured the response would be to ignore it as I thought the wedding was well-covered already.@stebow – We appreciate you and Dick making it for the rest of the weekend and sending Patrick as an envoy for the ceremony itself.@stixandstonz – Thank you.  If we’re sitting on the front porch, it had better not be here in Thailand.  Too humid!  LOL@brooklyn2028 – @CurryPuffy –  Glad you found the montage of photos effective.  I figured four minutes of just the courtroom scene would have been dreary…@XXKimPossibleXX – @teachersgathering – Thank you both.@beowulf222 – He was amazingly cool about it.@ZSA_MD – Thank you.  It was part of my plot to get you to cry.  =D

  10. Thanks for posting this up! It was amazing watching my first gay wedding ceremony, and knowing that this is possible for me too. You two are so adorable.

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