Stormy Weather Video

The day before I left for the United States, I was caught in a torrential thunderstorm and shot some video.  I actually posted the edited footage on YouTube before leaving on my trip, but forgot to make the video public.  Just realized that this morning!

Since it is still rainy season, perhaps you would enjoy watching this:

0 thoughts on “Stormy Weather Video

  1. We used to have little boats going up and down our soi during rainy season!! And I have clear memories of rolling my pant legs clear up above my knees…taking off my shoes and sloshing through knee deep water out on Sukumviht!!!  Watching your videos are just such  jolt because there is abolutely NOTHING that I recognize…nothing!!! I do hope I can convince Pat to get on a plane and fly back to Thailand someday…I Would adore to just spend months exploring and getting to know the country and the people all over again!! Ruth Ann

  2. It actually doesn’t look too bad compared to a rain I encountered while passing through texas one time during my road trip…though…I think Asia has much better drainage system for these kind of down pours.Whenever in happens in Texas or LA, it turns into flash flood

  3. @Redlegsix – Hopefully, one of these days you will make a return visit.  Perhaps very strong tranquilizers would help him?@TheLatinObserver – @Dezinerdreams – @yang1815 – @ZSA_MD – A common theme for all of us who have lived or grown up in a tropical/monsoon climate.  No matter how many times I see it, this heavy rain never fails to mesmerize me.  I pull out my camera and start shooting although it barely captures the amount of energy in the storm.@brooklyn2028 – That’s a sweet thought, Sheldon.  If I hear a pitter patter above me in my condo, I worry it might be a leak!@joburgboy – That shopping center’s design confounds me.  Especially the rain spout that splashes down in the midst of a concrete courtyard.  Surely they could route it somewhere else?@Wangium – I suspect much of Asia is better equiped for this kind of rain, although Bangkok is so low-lying that it struggles to keep up with much more than thirty minutes of continuous rain.

  4. That reminded me of one day while treading through Chinatown (in BKK), and all of a sudden, we were “attacked” by thunder and lightning, and heavy down pour. It was still fresh in my memory because I was running for my life to find shelter. LOL

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