Bento Boxes Article – So Cute!

The New York Times ran an article about bento boxes, the Japanese style lunches in a box that seem to be gaining popularity with families in America.   Talk about having fun with your food!

Bento Elephant
Bento Kitty

If ever there was someone who would appreciate his food being prepared this way, it is Tawn.  Maybe that’s how I should start preparing his dinner?


0 thoughts on “Bento Boxes Article – So Cute!

  1. I’ve been to church lunches where they have a lunch in a box and I love it but this is really cute.Usually the ladies put in a paper doilie with half a sandwich,chips,veg sticks,and a cookie

  2. That is really an excellent display of creativity. I am sure they have Bento boxes for children too. Davis and Noah would love to have something like that. ( I would too. )

  3. LOL……Tawn is such a big baby! hahahaha But yes that is so adorable. I would feel guilty eating such edible works of art. I can not for the life of me make such creations for the kiddies.  Can you do it and post the steps and tips. =)

  4. amazing!! but i still prefer the simple japanese bento! bento = art to me in certain way XD yeah it’d be very sweet of you to prepare a nice bento for tawn =p

  5. arghhh these are so cute i wouldnt want to eat them. i have a little booklet from nana (japanese fashion mag) that shows me various ways to make these bentos but i wonder if it would taste as good as it looks! i’ve actually tried looking for one of those sandwich shape pressers online.. they were so expensive >_<

  6. ah yes, bento boxes… very cute, but so much work! i remember reading about this in a book; i forget the book (it was a fiction story but still reasonably true in its essence), but it was set in japan and mothers basically were forced (via strong expectations) to make bento boxes for their kids that had to be up to par. interesting culture, japan…

  7. Growing up some of my friends have bento boxes like that and although they look great, I sure loved my oversized, densely-packed bento boxes more >:DYes I grew up eating that much haha!

  8. WAIT A SEC… These don’t look like hardening of the arteries in the making so they cain’t be reel Amurican food like McDonald’s. How am I supposed to eat this? 😀

  9. @minhaners – I read some of those bento box blogs mentioned in the article.  There’s a niche for everyone, huh?@marc11864 – Healthy food being interesting.  Who would have thought?@devonferris – If only the boxes of food on airplanes were nearly so interesting.@TheCheshireGrins – I’m neither artistic enough nor inclined to spend the time.  There was a “twist cut” that one bento box site demonstrated that was interesting, though.@yang1815 – Why limit yourself to one bento when you can eat four?@kunhuo42 – @agmhkg – Yes, the article was talking about the intense competition that Japanese mothers feel to make the best bentos.@tdalch – @Dezinerdreams – @Redlegsix – This is the problem, I think.  You find the food so cute and the design so fascinating that you end up not wanting to eat it!@lcfu – Bento definitely is a type of art.@murisopsis – If you have a child who is fussy about trying new things, I guess this would be a fun way to entice them.@XXKimPossibleXX – Can I do it and post the tips?  Ha ha!  There are some things I just don’t have enough time to learn to master.  This is one of them.@stebow – Can you imagine how much time it would have taken?@ZSA_MD – Perhaps you should take this up as a hobby instead of golf?  =)@Wangium – Want me to suggest this to your BF?@Jillycarmel – I just thought of an idea for Prairie Home Companion: Lutheran Women’s Fellowship Bento Boxes!@CurryPuffy – What with all the vegetable carving we do here, a Thai bento box would be a fantastic idea.@Roadlesstaken – Of course, he reads my blog so I guess it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.  He’s probably sitting around wondering where his bento box is…@venice – They say we eat with our eyes.  Must be especially true with bento boxes.

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