Lentils are Nice

It has been a strange week full of lots of errands and events.  A friend was in town and his visit came to an unexpectedly abrupt end, so we had to get involved and help sort that out.  A trip to the old city to buy coffee beans from Mari Green Coffee early Sunday morning ended up with our car having a Denver boot put on it, requiring a trip to the local police station to pay a 200 baht fine.  Another friend was having troubles in his love life, the type that are so typical between people of different cultures but, despite being typical, are still heart-wrenching.  It has just been one of those weeks.

At my recommendation, a guest stayed at the Windsor Suites Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 20.  This hotel is owned by a friend’s family, so I’m biased in my recommendation, but I find it to be a clean, comfortable, reasonably-priced hotel that is in a very convenient location.  Several of my visitors have stayed there and all have been pleased.  This guest’s room had a sweeping view which I stitched together from three pictures, below.  I know the stitching job is terrible – I didn’t use any fancy software for it- but the view itself was fantastic.

Windsor Skyline

On the weekend, while running our errands, we were sitting in some traffic in Yaowarat  (Chinatown) and, glancing in the side mirror, I spotted this man driving a motorcycle with an incongruous choice of stickers decorating it.  Playboy and Ghostbusters?


Needing a quiet evening at home after several nights dining out, I prepared a caprese panzanella salad – the Italian style tomato, fresh mozzarella and bread salad – using a recipe from Joanne’s Week of Menus blog and a dish of Italian sausage served with lentils with fennel and asparagus.



Both were very tasty and I thankfully have leftovers for lunch today!


0 thoughts on “Lentils are Nice

  1. OMG! Hungry. Thanks a lot, Chris. I was trying to hold out another hour, but I’m gonna have to ransack the fridge now… PS – sorry to hear about the boot — is 200 baht a lot to pay?

  2. @lcfu – So much pressure…  =D@Wangium – @dynamiqvision – 200 baht is $6.  To top it off, we were lucky and the policeman at the station agreed that the park restriction signs were a bit confusing, so gave us only the 200 baht fine although there was a 700 baht fine that applied.  To top it off, by the time we returned to the car five minutes later, the boot was already gone.  A passing motorcycle taxi driver asked how much we had paid and told us that had we been parked one block further down the street, in another police station’s district, we would have had to pay both fines as they aren’t as nice!

  3. Just look at his smug expression!He is totally a playboy ghostbuster!Riding out in his scooter to meet the girlswhile busting those nasty ghosts to save the day!hee hee hee

  4. Nice job with the dishes – I don’t eat a lot of lentils but I think I should now. I’m curious, after you cook and then take pictures of the food, does Tawn sort of roll his eyes? You should see my bf when I start taking pictures of food. He just shakes his head.

  5. @ElusiveWords – Lentils and other legumes are tremendously healthy.  Whole grains, lots of minerals and fiber, etc.  As for the picture-taking, Tawn has come to accept it and sometimes helps dress the plate.  Considering how long he takes to pull together outfits to wear (and how patient I am), I’m sure his patience with my picture-taking is just a returned favor.

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