Video – Inside Zakiah’s Kitchen

Matt wrote once that he likes weekend blog entries so he has something to read, so I saved this for Sunday morning my time / Saturday evening in North America.

In late July I made an overnight trip to Quincy, Illinois to visit fellow Xangan Zakiah and her husband Mohamed.  It was a wonderful trip and is fully recounted in this entry here.  In the entry I promised video, of which I shot quite a bit.  Delivering on that promise, here is an exclusive peek inside Dr. Zakiah’s kitchen!

Thanks again to Zakiah and Mohamed for their gracious hospitality and friendship.

0 thoughts on “Video – Inside Zakiah’s Kitchen

  1. Oh wow… thank you for editing and posting the video. Zakiah – now I know what you sound like. I just had pizza but now I want to try all the food! (and just like a real star, she even changed her clothes!)Noah is awesome! hahahaha

  2. I love this post! The video is awesome and I, having spent some time in that kitchen with this amazing lady know exactly how wonderful an experience it must have been for you!

  3. I’m waiting for the day where we can watch food videos through the internet and reach out and grab whatever is being cooked so we can taste it too :)Oh, it looks so good! And of course, the company would have made things even better.

  4. OMG! I can almost SMELL the lovely food!I LOVE Indian food!Noah is AWESOME! ^^ so cute!ha ha ha ha ha”I can handle it, I live in Thailand!”I LOVE how you’d said it! ha ha ha haDr. Zakiah is SUCH an amazing hostess!

  5. Thanks, Chris, for sharing this video. It is obvious from this clip what a gracious person Dr. Zakiah is. I feel priveleged to have the opportunity to begin to know her through you.

  6. @choyshinglin –  Knowing the voice ads a richer dimension to the portrait you have of someone, doesn’t it?@ElusiveWords –  The clothes change was a fabulous addition.@Dezinerdreams –  I though you might especially appreciate it, Vivek. Let me know when you plan a return trip. I think a group Xanga meet would be fun.@TheCheshireGrins –  Smell-o-Vision!@waiszeblogs –  Isn’t that true? A meal made with love always tastes better.@jandsschultz –  You’re welcome, Mom. Hope you have the opportunity to meet Zakiah and Mohamed one of these days.

  7. I don’t know what happened Chris. I am not able to watch this video. I am going to email it to Mohamed, and see if he can. Will let you know if I am able to see it. Thanks for posting it.

  8. This was wonderful. I loved the sound of Zakiah’s voice! The food and the commentary were a treat for my eyes and ears (if not my mouth). Thanks for this sneak peek into the kitchen!

  9. I figured it out. Or rather a friend who is good with computers was able to fix the Adobe Flasher for me, and I was able to watch it. THANK YOU Chris. You made the food look so good in your video. We LOVED having you here. I am hoping you would come back again. I recommended this Chris, so that some of my other friends who don’t visit you, can check the biryani and the kababs out. I didn’t do it to crow about myself though.  Now I am going to go say hello to your mom.

  10. @ElusiveWords – No they haven’t yet. They were spending the day with their dad while mom went to St.Louis with her friends. I saw them for a minute or two, but didn’t have time to show it to them. I will forward it to my daughter and she will show it to them and her husband.

  11. @murisopsis – It makes it all the easier to appreciate her poetry as now you can imagine her reading it aloud.@teeraljannah – Yes, the food was wonderful.@icepearlz – @AnamcharaConcepts – You’re very welcome.  Glad you enjoyed it.@ZSA_MD – She created the username just to be able to post comments, but never blogs herself.  I’ll pass on your kind message, though.@ElusiveWords – To them, she’s already a star! 

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