Filming a Dramatic Rooftop Chase

Sorry – the video was locked on YouTube.  I have fixed that and you can now view it.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t see something while I’m out and about that is worth shooting.  That’s why I almost always have my camera in my bag.  Case in point, after having lunch with Tawn the other day and walking up to the Ploenchit Skytrain station, I noticed some very bright lights on a rooftop.  Sure enough, they were filming a scene from a movie.

Turned out to be some sort of an action movie, based on the appearance of the main actor probably an Indian film.  Our hero in the dark suit was chasing across a rooftop, firing his revolver wildly at a thuggish looking Asian gangsta (go stereotypes!) holding a machine gun.

Quite a crowd gathered on the station platform and surround car parks to watch the action.  It looks like the filming was being done by a remote camera that slid down some cables (pictured below) from an adjacent building while the actors ran across the room, producing a sweeping shot.  A lot of work just for one shot that lasted a few seconds.

Over the next few days, they shot a few more scenes at the same location – or at least filmed different takes of the same scene – but nothing so dramatic as this.  I shot some footage and edited it down to a 90-second bit for your viewing:

I hope you enjoy it.

0 thoughts on “Filming a Dramatic Rooftop Chase

  1. They should have had the star do a “test run” before they hired him…he has a really STRANG gait when he runs…very ungainly…lol. Definitely NOT James Bond!!! Ruth Ann

  2. wow, that must have been pretty entertaining to watch. the only thing i saw being filmed was a credit card commercial… and all they were doing was backing some vehicle up and then driving it forward, then backing it up, etc… all at a very slow pace. not very interesting at all, although i got a dollar for signing some waiver to let them use me in their shot if they decided to go with the footage because i (like a ton of other people that day) walked through their set. it was an open set and i think they wanted us to walk through it, though, because there were a ton of people holding stacks of $1s and clipboards prowling around to get release waivers from people.

  3. Good thing every one around knew it was a movie take, and that the shots were dead sounds from the guns. It was cool nevertheless.  I was in Chicago once and it was late night, and I saw a James Bond movie being shot on Michigan avenue. That was cool, to see Sean Connery.I am glad I can watch your videos now.

  4. @Redlegsix –  @teeraljannah – Yes, his running was kind of … not very athletic.  Per your question, it is a Panasonc Lumix TZ3.  About two or three years old at this point.@Dezinerdreams – No, there was no singing or dancing so must not be Bollywood.  =P@TheCheshireGrins – @ZSA_MD – Exactly, someone glances out their window and sees what appears to be a gunfight.  Panic!@Roadlesstaken – Thanks.  A little dry humor, perhaps?@lil_squirrel4ever – It is really amazing how much work goes into getting just one shot, which may end up being no more than a handful of seconds in the movie.  Now you know why tickets are so expensive…@ElusiveWords – That was my question.  Did the Asian guy run out of bullets or what?@kunhuo42 – The tedium of filming something.  At least you had your brush with stardom!@TheLatinObserver – This is why one should never leave home without a camera.  Although I did yesterday and missed a very funny shot of two handymen, one of whom was balancing on the other’s shoulders while trying to caulk a crack in a car park ceiling.@yang1815 – Glad you liked it.

  5. Chris, have you seen District 9 yet? We’re very proud of it down here in Joburg and South Africa, as it’s a South African story set in Joburg. It’s a sci-fi movie, but it has a distinct message of difference and acceptance. I am biased, of course, but I think it’s brilliant. – I have a new venture going – Touch wood, it’s going well!

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