Ravioli Redemption

As I wrote earlier in the week, the potato, bacon and leek ravioli I made for Sunday’s brunch turned into a big mess as the dough started to disintegrate, causing the ravioli to stick to everything, tear apart, and be entirely unsuitable for boiling.

After the guests went home, fed with the other dishes I had prepared and some phone-ordered pizza, I went ahead and boiled the ravioli in a small amount of water, letting them break apart and forming a stew.  The potato and disintegrating pasta contributed a lot of starch to the mixture, which began to thicken, eventually reaching a macaroni-and-cheese-like consistency.

After letting the mixture cool, I put it in a casserole dish, sprinkled it with cheese, and baked it.  The result was actually very pleasant!


It was a little heavy, but combined with some salad (and the leftover bruschetta topping) it turned out to be a really nice dinner.  How does the saying go?  Failure is the mother of invention?  Something like that…


0 thoughts on “Ravioli Redemption

  1. I’m glad you didn’t let the food go to waste and made a very tasty dinner out of it. I guess if someone didn’t know about the history of this dish and asked for the recipe – that might be a bit tricky to respond to.

  2. @ElusiveWords – I thought about that.  No way I could recreate this dish!  As for not letting it go to waste, the sad thing is that there is a lot of it since I had enough ravioli for six people.  Tawn gets bored of eating the same thing day after day, so it has mostly been me enjoying it.  Oh, well… I’m easily satisfied.

  3. Innovative! I am reminded of a scene from a Malayalam movie; the lead actor is a chef and in one scene mess up a dish. He adds loads of sugar and serves it as a dessert which everyone falls in love with! haha

  4. It looks good!Actually…you have a pretty good presentation with all of your dishes.Next time, I would suggest trying it gyoza style.Well, I think they are kind of like pot stickers anyway. So why not pan fry them?

  5. @Wangium –  That’s an interesting idea, Jason. I was concerned that they were literally tearing apart as I tried to remove them from the pan in which they were resting, so am not sure they would have held together for the pan frying. Would have been a tasty alternative, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. @tdalch –  Are you planning to go to culinary school? That’s very cool. Always thought I would benefit from a program there, if for no other reason that to teach me more discipline when I’m in the kitchen.

  7. @christao408 – i am starting culinary school in about a week. i wish i had your talent with food though, and also food writing. i don’t know much about cooking except for taiwanese and japanese food, and whatever other recipes i’ve imitated and tweaked to my own liking. i also wish i could eat out more, but it’s just so expensive 😦

  8. Innovative and creative!You know, that is usually how my cooking ended up…Mine are all experiments that can’t be replicated.I tried deep frying some chicken wings, tasted it and realized it was too salty, added water and broiled it… turns out to be chicken wings with some nice tasty sauce. People asked how I made it, I said it was an accident! =P

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