Malicious Email Slandering Post-American World

No sooner had I written about Fareed Zakaria’s book The Post-American World, than a friend shares with me an email he received, slandering President Obama and miscasting the book as some radical, decline of America tome.  Zeesh.  Anyone taking the time to read even just the first paragraph of the back cover of the book (let alone actually reading the book itself), would quickly understand that the premise of it isn’t about the decline of America, but rather “the rise of the rest” and how America should respond.  If anything, it is a must-read for the more hawkish types.

Post American

Really!  What does it take for Americans to start plugging in their brains and thinking independently?


0 thoughts on “Malicious Email Slandering Post-American World

  1. The premise of democracy is that its members are capable of independent thinking. We should not be pessimistic because independent thinking people outnumber those who are not. But we should always be on the look out for a small number of war mongers or fear mongers or hatred mongers. Don’t be misled by them.

  2. What I can’t stand is receiving these emails from people I associate with and who I thought were free-thinking intelligent people. It’s the danger of the forward-button me thinks – no rational interrogation of what the email actually means.

  3. Sadly, I think too many Republicans are degenerating into a fear mongering party (“death panels”, “Obama was born in Kenya”, “blame illegal immigrants for everything” bullshit) which mainly appeals to a subset of the population (White, blue collar, rural) that is increasingly feeling disempowered (“reverse racism!”). Ugh.

  4. Ugh… as some one who really loves history and a political science hack, this email makes me a sad panda. The book makes no insinuations that America is going to totally fail!!! What it does say is that America is looking at the chance of no longer being the hegemon in the world. There is a huge, gigantic, enormous,  difference. I hate when people literally judge a book by its cover without reading what the book has to say and I can promise you that who ever wrote this email . It really just makes one look uneducated and uninformed and not to be snobby but it annoys me to speak to people who are not informed. Grrr! I may have to write further about this!

  5. This is ignorance at its worst. A fellow Muslim??? Give me a break. The  guy has repeatedly said how Christian he is. And now I hear that some parents do not want him to speak to their children. What the heck is that all about? I would have felt such an incredible honor for my children to hear him. These same parents can/ should take their children and go sit in a corner and suck an egg. This is a very prejudiced nation.. prejudiced about  color, about gender, about religion and about race. It needs to pull its head out of the sand and slap itself. Recently CNN reported about a little girl being sent home because of a t shirt she was wearing… it said, ” Islam is devil “. She and her father spoke to the media defending how right they are. Yes the “esteemed” father was wearing a similar shirt.  Stupid f—-d up people!!

  6. @ZSA_MD –  I have to agree with you… But please, watch your language. ha ha ha. πŸ™‚ (just had to say that after your recent post) πŸ˜‰ p.s. i think it’s perfectly appropriate in this context!

  7. @ZSA_MD –  A friend of mine recently sent me an email forward about how muslims are taught to hate all those who aren’t muslim and to kill them…stupid fake crap about a religion that many Christians know nothing about. So instead of forwarding it on (which I never do with forwards anyway) I responded to her saying how this is a horrible misrepresentation about Islam and that people who are muslim are taught to be kind, loving, caring people just like us Christians. She never replied back about the topic since. I hate it when people believe such nonsense and actually never talk to people who practice the faith or are from other nations. Such close-mindedness is what will make America fail….well that and greedy white-collar criminals.

  8. I don’t know…Obama does seem a bit evil Just kidding…but you know…seriously…I don’t think he’s evil, but I don’t think he does right things some times.Maybe I am just bitter about the DOMA defense and the stuff he promised about gay rights that were never realized or even started on…

  9. I recently got that e-mail from a family member. My response: “Just because I want to read Mein Kampf doesn’t mean I want to be a Nazi.” I didn’t know a thing about the book, but I suppose the point holds up even if it were some “anti-America” thing.

  10. It’s important (and very insightful) for the president to read books that reflect change, whether past or predictive. Unfortunately, we have lived too long with a president who was not a reader, and who didn’t understand the world and its current trends. I’ve not read this book, but it sounds similar to The World is Flat and its sequel — very important concepts if we are to maintain our position — or even to maintain equality with those countries that are raising their status.

  11. @moptoplop –  Yes, we had best be suspicious of someone who reads, right? Who knows what crazy ideas he might pick up.@ModernBunny –  The image that comes to mind is one of Chicken Little running around, shouting “The sky is falling!”@slmret –  I would place “The Post-American World” right up there with Friedman’s books as well as Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” as tomes that are must-reads for life in modern America.@epiginoskete –  That’s an excellent point – one does not have to agree with everything he or she reads. Reading is an act of inquiry, an exercise for the intellect.@Wangium –  Without a doubt, Obama has his shortcomings just like anyone (and especially any politician who is trying to make multiple constituencies happy); my frustration is that critics of this President are using slanderous remarks that go so far beyond what we’ve ever heard for previous Presidents. Downright hateful remarks, really.@LydJaGillers –  Isn’t it interesting how, when we call people on their lack of critical thinking, they tend to climb back into their shell? I only hope that by doing it, we cause them also to re-examine their beliefs.@J_P_Savage –  I was as shocked as anyone to read that sort of language (even implied) in one of Zakiah’s writings!@spiritedsherry –  Ha ha! We’re nowhere on the same level to be endorsing a book! But it is a good read.@tdalch –  That’s correct. I figured that readers of this blog are so aware of that being an untruth that it wasn’t worth mentioning. I’ll echo Collin Powell’s question, though: Even if he were a Muslim, why would that be a problem?@ZSA_MD –  I read this week about the parents who don’t want their children listening to Obama speak to their school. What a shame; I would be honored to hear a President – any President, regardless of political stripes – speak to me. Ignorance, we have found you!@TheCheshireGrins –  Would love for you to write further about this topic, Meg. I know it will be interesting and thoughtful.@amygwen –  The longer one stays away, the easier it becomes to stay away longer.@yang1815 –  The perfect one-word summary.@TheLatinObserver –  Sadly, that segment of the population’s sense of declining power and fear is very potent. Is there a book about the decline of the white American male?@joburgboy –  It is always shocking, isn’t it Tom? You think that you know someone well enough to judge whether they have a functioning brain and critical thought process, then you discover that you were wrong about them.@agmhkg –  Without a doubt, the era of America being pretty much the pre-eminent power is fading. Not so much about the decline of America itself, but because other countries like China and India are rising in power and influence.@Dezinerdreams –  They certainly can be!@choyshinglin –  Honestly, I’m not sure that the independent thinkers outnumber the haters. At the very least, the haters seem to have control of the majority of the media outlets, which influence what the gullible masses view and, ultimately, come to believe.@Roadlesstaken –  I always wonder why, when receiving an email like this, more people aren’t initially skeptical. Doesn’t it just sound a bit fishy?@ElusiveWords –  I saved the first commenter for last, Matt. My observation, made from many visits to Canada during which I would have the TV news on and glance through the Globe and Mail, is that even though you have your share of ultra-conservatives, they command a much smaller (and less shrill) portion of the overall media coverage. Maybe that has changed in the last few years?Thanks everyone for your comments and your commitment to critical thinking!

  12. Your said, “Honestly, I’m not sure that the independent thinkers outnumber the haters.” No matter what, we have to believe that independent thinker heavily outnumber those who are not, otherwise democracy is impossible and is not worthy of our striving for it. 

  13. I wanted to respond earlier but have been busy with moving into a new apartment closer to campus. Thank you for sharing this in your blog Chris. It galls me no end to see how so many in the states have been duped by the fear-mongering “Right”.

  14. I’m sure this book is in my mother’s possession. Now I have to borrow it. An informed electorate is the cornerstone of democracy. There will always be ignorant people – but there is hope. Ignorance can be corrected. It is the stupid ones that cause me to lose sleep. I just wish the stupid would stay out of the media spotlight. 

  15. Thanks for bringing this to light. The stupidity and ignorance being displayed is rising to levels I would have never thought possible – it’s scary, ominous, and disappointing at the same time.Even worse than the ignorance and gullibility, are the leaders and high profile figures who know better and are just pandering to all this stupidity for political gain.

  16. @SoullFire – You’re welcome.  It is very disturbing and I’m curious if the tenor of the debate about health care will change at all after the President’s speech tonight, or if we’re just going to continue slinging mud.

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