The Abba-ettes

Finally, things have settled down enough that I’ve started to go through the video I shot during my three-week trip to the United States.  Many things to share – but of course it takes time to edit all them!  One thing that I was able to pull together fairly quickly was this video.

After dinner at my nieces’ house (ages 3 and 6) and before dinner, there is time to read books… assuming nobody has lost their book privileges because of misbehavior!  One night, my sister and brother-in-law took an evening out so I was looking after the girls.  “Instead of books, can we perform a show?” asked Emily, the older niece.

Well, the “show” was them dancing and singing (kind of) to music from the movie Mamma Mia, the new “it” album of the moment in their house.  Their parents’ bedroom has a sitting area that is set off from the main bedroom in a way that makes the wide arch between the two look a little like a proscenium.

Sadly, they didn’t know all the words so it was mostly a matter of dancing and bouncing around.  But I though you might enjoy the first minute or so of it…

Lots more to share in the coming days and weeks, including exclusive footage from the Kitchen of Zakiah!

0 thoughts on “The Abba-ettes

  1. hahaha… that’s cute. There’s probably a video of you dancing to that tune too. We’ll have to find a way to pry it from your computer. I can’t wait for Zakiah’s kitchen.

  2. OMG Chris I love it. They are adorable. Wait till I show it to Noah and Davis and their mother.My kitchen video?? oooh. I am very nervous. Dang I wish you hadn’t said that already. Now I won’t be able to sleep. Got your sweet ‘thank-you’ letter today. How sweet of you to send it. Of course I saved it.

  3. As an ABBAmaniac, I am genetically predisposed to love this post and that video.And while I wish that people could hear the originals instead of Streep, Brosnan & Co., I think it’s awesome that Mamma Mia! has spawned a new generation of ABBA lovers.

  4. @oldpartner – You can send this link to them:

    @Dezinerdreams – @moijesuisfou – Her running in and out of the room was extremely random.@agmhkg – Yes, but thankfully there’s no video of it!@Wangium – Oh, what a shame!@moptoplop – It is amazing how some music seems to have enormous staying power.  The Beatles and ABBA are two good examples.@ZSA_MD – No need to be nervous!@ElusiveWords – As much as I wish there was some video of me being totally uninhibited like that, I’m afraid there isn’t.  Maybe during a karaoke event someone could shoot one.

  5. Uncle Chris….did anyone ever talk to you about how to CALM children down before bedtime??? lol  They were too cute…Ava racing in and out of the room is just SO typical of young ones that age!! At least there was no hogging the spotlight or pushing and shoving like you see so often in these performances. Ruth Ann

  6. Kudos to your sister for raising kids that think losing book privileges is a punishment. It seems rare these days to find kids that actually enjoy reading. I’ve always been a big reader. My youngest sister will read in the summer when she has a break from school and the one in between us almost never reads for pleasure. Neither sister read much when they were little!

  7. You noticed the display of gymnastic skills with the forward rolls. Both girls have good rhythmic sense. Emily’s dance experience is evident as she choreographs specific dance steps, although they are not particularly organized. Ava copies, but has a sense of specific steps as she does that. I’m biased…what can I say?

  8. @Redlegsix – No need to calm them down for bedtime.  That’s just about when their parents return!@TheCheshireGrins – They’ve done a good job with that.  Emily just started first grade and is already reading, which I think reinforces why starting to read to children at an early age is an excellent way to develop a love for books and reading.@jandsschultz – Yes, just a little biased…@ZenPaper – Dance nation!@stevew918 – Thanks, Steve.@The_Female_Essence – Yes, ABBA is just one of those timeless groups.@nattata – Thank you.

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