Sunny with Clear Skies

Arrived Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles to beautiful weather and sunny blue skies.  Actually, the entire transit from one City of Angels to the other was very smooth.  I’ll write more this evening after work.

Anyone know a good Vietnamese place in/around Westminster?



0 thoughts on “Sunny with Clear Skies

  1. known for their spring rolls. i’ve only been there once but it was well worth it…. but then again, its difficult for spring rolls to go wrong. very casual. u cant really go wrong with any vietnamese food in westminster but my vietnamese friends from the bay always frequent this spot when visiting so cal so there must be something above and beyond about it.congrats on your upcoming marriage! best wishes for a safe trip and a memorable ceremony.

  2. @christao408 – Ooh. Irvine = not good. If you’re stuck in Irvine, I would go to Pho Bac off of Barranca and Culver… only if you’re stranded. As for pho in Westminster – it’s all debatable due to personal tastes. I’d go for beef pho at Pho 54 (opposite of supermarket center) on Brookhurst and McFadden, the new Pho Thanh Long (where the abandoned supermarket and Wells Fargo atm are) on Bolsa and Bushard, and one of the oldest – Pho 79 on the northeast corner of Hazard and Brookhurst. I guess I’d have to pick the last one. Let me know of other dishes you want to try or have yet to try. There’s so many regional differences!

  3. Brodard…they have yummy spring rolls, it is off of westminster behind the the 99 cent store and across from Lee’s sandwich (i think). I usually get pho at Pho54 off of Brookhurst and McFadden. in irvine, pho bac off of barranca is decent…there is also a pricier vietnamese fusion like place off of culver and irvine center drive, it’s next to the 24 hr fitness.

  4. Glad to know you made it safe to L.A.! Safe travels back home. I can’t wait to be there at the wedding and (hopefully) take some decent pictures at the wedding!

  5. i live in westminster. pho hoa, on brookhurst and hazard is pretty good, and its 50% off. vinhky next door is the same and open til about 2amand yeah, brodards is pretty good too. what a small world.

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