The Angelenos are complaining about how hot and humid it is right now.  Yeah.  It was something like 82 in Irvine today with maybe 30% humidity.  Maybe.  Sorry, no sympathy from me.

The flight over on EVA Airways was very smooth.  I actually hit each step very smoothly: no wait for check-in, minimal wait for outbound immigration, short connection time in Taipei, no wait for immigration in LA, short wait for my baggage at the carousel, and the rental car shuttle pulled up just as I reached the curb.  Very convenient.

Interesting sights relating to palm trees:

P1170797 P1170863

On the left are artificial palms at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.  It looks like they took down the fronds to clean them and were in the process of reinstalling them.  On the right at real palms in an Irvine, California shopping center being trimmed in the early morning.

Yesterday, I went with my cousins Alex and Bill to Jongewaard’s Bake N Broil on Atlantic Avenue, a restaurant that can best be described as hearty middle American cooking.  The restaurant was cute, the service friendly, and the food tasty.


Below, the evening’s special: pork chops!


I’m working today and tomorrow then will head to Kansas City on Sunday.  Thanks to everyone who recommended Vietnamese restaurants for me.  Didn’t get a chance to eat there this evening but possibly Friday night.

Stay tuned…


0 thoughts on “Fronds

  1. YOU’RE HERE! I’m so excited! I’m taking a half-day off work tomorrow to get the keys to my new place at noon and will do some transport a few items and will see you in the afternoon! Forgive me if I look like a mess! Going to be a terrible first impression…haha. That and it’s been ‘hot’ these days. :o) Not complaining as I surround myself with plenty of air conditioning. Hehe. Hope you sleep well and I will see you in a few hours! Wow, never thought the day would come when I could type that on your xanga. :o)I’ll be in summer/moving gear! Please don’t dress up and make me look crummy! Hehe. Casual friday!

  2. No sympathy from me either regarding that weather report.  I like EVA and Korean Air….the service is superb.  You are the only one that I subscribe to that blogs on a regular basis with interesting content and nice pictures! Thanks.

  3. yay! glad to see you’re safely back in the states. ยินดีต้อนรับกลับอเมริกานะครับ!! 55.

  4. my  brother -who almost lives over there lives in Chino Hills out east of  the city but a sister lives in Tustin? Santa Ana. and another sister in Lakewood,Ca. Brother goes to Thailand alot and says that the humidity is something-soaking wet just standing there

  5. @Dezinerdreams – Yes, thanks.  Not nearly the adventures you had on your last trip.@Wangium – Hmm… I’m curious what your pork chops look like.@yang1815 – Yes, they were very tasty.@ElusiveWords – They fly to YVR, EWR, LAX, SFO and SEA but not YYZ.  It is 3 pm the second day and jet lag is kicking in.  Espresso, here I come.@Jillycarmel – You have all sorts of family around here.@stevew918 – Sunny and 74.  Repeat ad infinitum.@LostSock21 – Thanks.  The motto of my life.ขอบคุณครับ@XXKimPossibleXX – Thank you.  I want you to know that I’m making the extra effort for readers like you!  =)@kenpcho – Sorry, Kenny.  It is a work day for me today so I’m going to make you look like a slob.

  6. While those pork chops look good in the picture and am sure they taste wonderful, don’t expect me to serve you any thing pork, while you are staying with me. lol.

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