Departure Day

What song am I humming?  Something like “Get Me to the Church on Time” from My Fair Lady, although in this case I still have two weeks.  This morning I head to the airport for my trip to the U.S. and the journey from one City of Angels to the other, on to Kansas City, and then finally up to Iowa to get married.

Unlike some previous trips back to the U.S. where I was stressed up until the moment of departure, the stress subsided last Friday, when several major work deadlines were achieved.  The first two days this week were lower key, busy but with nothing looming over me I was under less pressure.

The bags have been packed.  Well, that’s not entirely true as they are both sitting open in the living room as I fiddle with weight and balance between the two.  I’m sure my spreading the packing into the living room is driving Tawn crazy!

I will leave you with a final picture from Thailand: the sign advertising a new condo complex that is being build across the street from Tawn’s office.  Condo projects here almost always choose English names, trying to project values that will appeal to primarily Thai buyers (the law mandates that more that a majority of owners be Thai).  Sometimes, though, I’m not sure the names really succeed in projecting the right image.

Case in point:


“Preen”?  Interesting, but I don’t have a positive association with that word.  I think of peacocks and their gaudy feathers or chimpanzees picking ticks off each other.  What an image to have when hearing the name.

Well, I’ll try to keep my posts as regular as possible during my trip.  Thank you for your understanding if I fall a few days behind.


0 thoughts on “Departure Day

  1. Please remember to bring the wedding rings, and get to the church in time, Chris and Tawn.  Very very happy for you, and have a safe trip and wonderful honeymoon. :). 

  2. You are going to take pictures at the wedding, aren’t you? Hope the trip goes well and there is only one hitch (the one happening in Iowa)! Congratulations to you both.

  3. I like the song “getting me to the church on time” and what a pity not in person to witness your wedding with Tawn.  Congratulations and enjoy the marriage bliss.  Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos soon. Where is the honeymoon? Have you borrowed something blue and the garter ready?Have a great, great trip to your wedding bells.

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