0 thoughts on “Condo Tour Part 2

  1. Alright…. you got this done before your trip. The second unit looks good even if there is that odd light on the floor. I have the same metal shelves in my condo in my kitchen.

  2. This is the first time I see a light “inside” the floor, and a inside-window for the bathroom, very interesting.  I cannot imagine what the former owner was thinking when they ut these in. However, I can imagine the exercise you are getting from dashing between the two units. I agree it is a good idea to live there a while and then figure out which is the best way to remodel and connect the units.   Look forward to an remodel update sometime.

  3. hahaha that’s kind of funny (but must be pretty annoying or tiring) how you have to keep going back and forth between the annex/studio and the rest of your apartment. all the holes in the walls into the bathrooms (that you had to fill in) are very strange to me, as is the light in the floor.

  4. @yang1815 – I’m trying to figure out just what I would showcase with it.  Small sculptures?@kunhuo42 – Yes, the back and forth is really a drawback.@stevew918 – Don’t expect a remodel update anytime soon Steve.  I haven’t the energy or money for it.@XXKimPossibleXX – Glad you found it funny.  I figured it would be good for a laugh.@ElusiveWords – I’m such a big fan of Metro shelving.  Love the industrial kitchen look.

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