The Nickle Tour

We enjoy many visitors here in Thailand and when they come for a visit, there’s a request for a tour of our home.  We’re always happy to oblige friends.  Many of you haven’t had the opportunity to come for a visit, yet, so Tawn and I thought you might enjoy the nickle tour to tide you over.

I’m still working on the video of the “Annex” – the studio next door that has been turned into my office and our TV room.  Stay tuned for that.


28 thoughts on “The Nickle Tour

  1. Wow… you and Tawn have done a very good job designing your home. I’m very impressed. (I’m also impressed with your video skills too). I don’t know how you guys can keep it so neat and tidy.

  2. @Dezinerdreams – He’s ruthless, isn’t he?  Well, thank you for the stolen compliment.@ElusiveWords – Thanks, Matt.  Actually, I wasn’t too happy with the video work.  I need to take a class on iMovie.  And you can rest assured that Tawn tidied the house before I received the green light to shoot a single frame.@ZenPaper – Very nice of you to say, Evan.  Thanks.

  3. that is a very well thought out remodel acheivement, and the place definitely look and function a lot better than before.  That is gorgeous indeed!  

  4. I loved the “nickle tour” ( I would have paid at LEAST a quarter!!! lol) but most of all I loved the chance to “meet you in person”!!!! It is too bad that Tawn didn’t get on the video with you!!!I had to chuckle at your story about the shower sloping the wrong way. The first house that we lived in was a “REAL” Thai house…stairs on the outside of the house that lead up to the 2nd story…each room downstairs had its’ own locking door and opened onto a central hallway that was open to the back yard. Our “shower” had no hot water whatsoever. The only hot water was the water that had been heated by the sun in the pipes outside…so you wet yourself down QUICKLY…turned the water off, washed and then turned the water back on to rinse off. We used to toss a coin to see who got in the shower first…because the 2nd person had nothing but cold water waiting for them!!! Thank you again for the tour of your really beautiful home!!! Ruth Ann

  5. wow, what a beautiful condo! i wish i owned my own place so i could modify it and change it… or better yet, build my own place from the ground up (but that is wishful thinking). i love hearing about what happened during the construction of the place too (like the builders rebuilding the bathroom door frame exactly where they removed it and having to do it again); it gives your condo much more character to know some of the back story behind it.

  6. The video is certainly the best way to see your house virtually! The pictures posted during the renovation do not do it justice. Would love to come visit one day!

  7. Thanks, Chris. You and Tawn have a beautiful home. I know the remodel was a pain, but it appears from the results (barring the shower) that it was worth it. Now for a visit in person.

  8. I love Tawn’s sense of style! We remodeled our kitchen and I’m happy with it BUT I’d have loved to design the cabinets to my own desired configuration instead of having to fit the different modular units into the space. Good job! And the bit with the slope in the shower – it happens all the time. We have drains in the floor at work – everytime a room is remodeled or changed, we have to have them “fix” the slope to the drain!

  9. Yes, you did tide me over. Love, love, love the bedroom cabinet faces. Reminds me of the Wynn’s hallway by The Buffet, minus the rainbow florals. I hear ya on the slopes. Our new condo has dips! At first I thought I was going crazy when I moved in by myself, but a rolling pen on the floor tells otherwise.

  10. Wow! Your home is gorgeous. All the decorating belongs in the pages of a magazine. It’s truly beautiful. I had to show the Architect the video as well and he was just as impressed 🙂

  11. @moijesuisfou – @TheCheshireGrins – @waiszeblogs – @stevew918 – Thanks for the nice words!@murisopsis – @minhaners – I’m glad to hear sloping floor problems aren’t unique to us.@jandsschultz – @doiturselfer – We’re expecting return visits from you both.@kunhuo42 – Yes, little bits of difficulty and suffering add character to a place, right?  =D@Redlegsix – Ruth Ann, loved that memory of your house when you were here.  We never seem to get really cold water here.  The hotter the weather, the warmer the cold water.  PS – Let me know about the fried rice seasoning.  I found one packet and can scan a picture of it for you and bring more with me to KC if you like.  I leave Wednesday, though, so let me know sooner rather than later, please.

  12. Beautiful.  Have you ever posted a floor plan of your place?  That would be helpful for this yet-to-have-visited friend!Excellent job.  It was like having a little visit with you.xo

  13. @albertmoore – Albert, here is an entry that includes the floor plan for the existing unit as well as talks about some of the remodel activities we anticipated as we first bought the place: – Matt, there were a couple of things going on, including some construction.  My camera is fantastic at picking up ambient noise.  A little too fantastic, if you ask me.@yang1815 – Glad you like them, Andy.  Trust you will come see them yourself one of these days.

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