Ten Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers

Sometimes you read a blog entry and you think, “Yes, this person hit the nail on the head!”  (If you are Matt, you might think, “Drat, I was going to write that and they beat me too it.”  But that’s another story.)  This morning, a friend of the younger sister of a high school friend whose food blog I read posted a link to another food blog by Not Quite Nigella in which she lists 10 things you should know about food bloggers.


Here’s a sample:

#1 – Be prepared to eat early.  Like a reverse Vampire, we love the light as more light means better photos.  Eating dinner at 4pm?  Sure, no problem, the light will be good then.  Similarly, you’ll also find us seated near the window more often than not as the light is better there and we only use flash in extreme circumstances or in closed blogger-friendly company.

For the rest of the list, her entry is here.  After reading this, you’ll either understand my dining behavior better or… just maybe… you’ll recognize some signs of your own inner food blogger.  Enjoy!


0 thoughts on “Ten Things You Should Know About Food Bloggers

  1. @ZenPaper – Nope, not just an Asian thing.  There just happens to be a good representation of Asian food bloggers here on Xanga – nearly all of whom I seem to read!@AppsScraps – Yeah, you with the elaborate meals and fancy Toronto restaurants… you’re one, too.  =D blogging” and more “taking pictures so I can share remember my lovely food and share it with others > scarfing it down so quickly that I can be mistaken for the Tasmanian Devil.”  LOL@Dezinerdreams – Please do.@RestlessButterfly – You’re welcome.  I hope you enjoyed it.

  2. I don’t own a decent camera – but love to read the food blogs and seem to be attracted to food porn! This does explain all the food prep photos.

  3. hahahaha…. gosh, I’m just an occasional food blogger. I feel so silly sometimes taking my camera out at a restaurant (especially with the flash). My bf just wants to duck underneath the table when I do that. p.s. nope, I didn’t think of this entry.

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