“I am a Muslim”

Zakiah I think a number of you read Zakiah’s (ZSA_MD) blog, but if you don’t, I’d encourage you to stop by.  Not only does she write beautiful poetry and share stories of her fascinating childhood in India, she speaks eloquently about her beliefs as a Muslim. 

Most of my Muslim friends are not very devout, so I rarely get to hear them talk about their beliefs and how their beliefs measure up against the way they are represented in the western media.

Recently, Zakiah gave a speech in the community where she spent her career as a doctor, and in it she talks about the misconceptions surrounding Islam and, particularly, the term “jihad”.

I encourage you to stop by and read excerpts of that speech which is included in her entry here.


11 thoughts on ““I am a Muslim”

  1. For some reason, I can’t access her post. I think she blocked me. And I have no idea why! I think I’ve only ever read/ commented on her posts once or twice and I have no clue what I might have said or done to offend/ worry her.

  2. thank you dear  Chris.  I am truly honored that you would say such nice things about my post and recommend it so highly. I am overwhelmed. Love you lots. Muah.
    I don’t recall your friend spiritedsherry. But I shall check my list of blocked names and see if thats what happened. I don’t remember seeing her on my blog; it really takes a lot for me to block someone. But I shall certainly check that out.  Thank you again Chris.

  3. Her post was really beautiful. I am happy to read a post explaing the true foundations of Islam. I also like that she mentioned the KKK since there are “extremists” in every religion who distort its teachings, even Christianity.

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