Traditional Thai Margaritas

P1100761 Late in the week, we received a call from Biing, who had finally arrived from Taiwan with his mother and brother.  It has been only about half a year since Biing arrived from New York with Sally and Malcolm.  Nice to have him return so soon.

After meeting for dinner, we decided to go for a drink at one of the hotels with a view.  A little pricey, yes, but a nice experience.  But then Tawn noticed that Biing was wearing flip flops, a no-no in nice hotels’ dress codes.


So we switched plans and went to the hotel next to his, ending up at the most incongruous of restaurants: Senor Pico.  This grand-daddy of Krungthep’s Mexican restaurants was almost completely empty except for a band of Latinas playing upbeat music that seemed forlorn in such a large and empty space.

We tucked into a corner table away from the racket and enjoyed a small pitcher of very strong margaritas.  Biing shared many thoughtful gifts with us, including a bottle of cashew fruit liqueur from South America. 

After a nice visit, we dropped Biing at his hotel.  He and his family will continue their journey around Thailand and we’ll hopefully see him on the return leg.

Yet another guest!


13 thoughts on “Traditional Thai Margaritas

  1. @bookwormchic09 – Actually, margaritas generally aren’t my drink of choice.  The one and only time I ever got sick from drinking was with margaritas so there’s a bit of a taste memory with tequila.  But if you can get a mango margarita, then you’re on to something! 

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