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As a public relations professional, Tawn keeps up his contacts with editors and reporters at various publications.  These contacts are invaluable to help his clients receive coverage and attract press attention when media events are held.

Not only do these contacts scratch Tawn’s back: he also has the opportunity to scratch theirs.  Especially with the lifestyle media, there is always a desire to find new stories, new people to profile, new angles to cover.

Health 1 This summer, the editor of Elle Decoration suggested that the food editor of Health & Cuisine magazine give Tawn a call.  Tawn has written for Elle and our condo was featured in an issue earlier this year.  The editor of Health & Cuisine was looking for people to profile in his “Men’s Cooking” column.

Tawn not only provided some suggestions of names but also offered up his own, since in the PR business, some self-publicity helps build your personal brand and makes you more valuable to clients.

After two rounds of having our condo photographed, I was not too keen on yet another shoot and another layer of publicity.  Tawn assured me, though, that the story would remain focused just on his professional profile and on a particular recipe he would prepare.

In the week heading up to the shoot, Tawn scrambled to perfect a recipe for salmon en papillote – salmon baked in a parchment paper pouch – as well as a recipe for an accompanying cous cous salad.  We ate a lot of salmon and cous cous that week.

The photographer and his assistant showed up on a Thursday, which was a Buddhist holiday in Thailand.  They worked quickly and within ninety minutes, the shoot was done.


After the shoot was over, the editorial assistant was chatting with Tawn about our kitchen remodel.  Before I knew it, they were excitedly pouring through our drawers, looking at the different kitchen tools I have.

The assistant explained that they also have a “Cooking Tools” column and were running out of tools about which to write.  Would I mind if they borrowed some of them for upcoming issues?

A couple of months later, I’m still without those tools.  Tawn tells me they have been returned by the magazine editor and are sitting at his office.  Maybe one day they will be returned to my kitchen drawers.

Two months after the shoot, our issue came out with a mango and dragon fruit tart on the cover. 

Health 2 Health 3  

The pictures turned out quite nice, I think.  Much better than my picture of the photo shoot, below.  The article basically reads as follows.  Let me know if you want the recipes.

Urban Dweller’s Kitchen: Salmon Cooked in Paper

Urban living is marked by a busy schedule and a hectic routine, not leaving much time to focus on yourself and your well-being.  But Khun Tawn is one of those people who doesn’t let the fast-paced life of an urban professional overwhelm him.

“I think cooking is a happiness that comes from sharing good things with others, hearing their delight when they try my food really adds spice to my life.”

The selected menu today is Salmon en Papillote with French cooking technique using a parchment paper pouch to trap the aroma and keep the fish moist.  The side is cous cous salad with Mediterranean ingredients, something light and easy to modify with different ingredients of your choosing.  Most importantly, these two dishes are simple.  Just like Khun Tawn says, you can easily make them right after you wake up.

We can see that everyone has twenty-four hours a day of crazy urban living, but at the end of the day it is all about the choices we make: work crazy or care about your health.


Here’s my photo from the shoot:


What about those kitchen tools that went missing?  Well, near the back of the same issue I found a familiar picture (left).  Then the following month, I checked the issue and found yet another one (right).  As near as I can tell, there is one left.

Health 4 Health 5  

Do you know what they are?


30 thoughts on “Health & Cuisine

  1. Wow! congrats on the magazine cover, Chris!! The food looks delicious! Is it difficult to make? I’m wondering also where I can purchase parchment paper…Hmmm…Would you mind sharing the recipe with me? =]I’m guessing the tools are some type of graters?

  2. @La_dolce_vida – en papillote is really easy.  Basically it is the same as steaming – you’re just trapping all the juices and moisture inside the paper pouch.  You should be able to find parchment paper at any major supermarket along with the saran wrap and aluminum foil.  I’ll post the recipe in a few days since I suspect I may get some requests.

  3. As I mentioned before, time for you to have your own show, Chris.  🙂  One show can be educating us about the real Thai food. One show to describe to us the kitchen gadgets you have or being borrowed (or even you do not have yet, hehe)  and many many more.   Hey, that would let you write off travel expenses to USA on your income tax.    BTW, the magazine looked great, too bad I do not know thai to read them. 

  4. The pictures did turn out gorgeous. That’s kind of cool that Tawn was featured. I hope you get your tools back soon. If you guys ever get featured in a magazine again, just hide everything you don’t want disappearing for awhile (haha).

  5. The chopping blade pictured looks like an Ulu, which is an Eskimo knife made for one handed use, great for people with arthritis or other disabilities. You’ve got me on the spiral thingy, though. Judging by the handles it looks like some sort of press.

  6. That’s a flour duster! I’d like to get one one of these days. The blade is Mezzaluna. It’s an Italian word meaning “half-moon.” Believe it or not, I didn’t have to look these up on Wikipedia. I watch the Food Network too much. ;-DThe photos turned out lovely. I agree with TheCheshireGrins, you might want to hide your nifty utencils at the next photo shoot. Can you send methe salmon recipe? There’s no such thing as having too many salmon recipes.

  7. Wow! that looks really delicious. 🙂 Also looks like you had fun. Yeah, I think you will get many requests – I know I was planning to ask, since those look really simple and filling. ^_^

  8. As I said to my mother and Maggie, how do Chris and Tawn find the time to be wonderful at everything!  My goodness, you make me tired just to think about all you do.  The spread, the recipes, the kitchen tools, were all lovely.  Tawn should be a professional model.  No one photographs like he does!
    Miss you both and look forward to seeing you in two months,

  9. @Kephirra – @alextebow – DING! DING! DING!  You are correct.  The wire thing is a flour duster, perfect for evenly spreading flour on a work surface.  The blade is actually an Ulu, not a mezzaluna.  The difference is that the Ulu, as Kephirra pointed out, is designed for one handed use and comes with a shallow bowl that matches the blade.  Instead of a rocking motion, you usually chop with it.  The mezzaluna often has two knobs and is designed for use on a flat surface in a rocking motion.  Very good to both of you.  Sadly, I have no prize to offer. 

  10. @TheCheshireGrins – That’s a good idea about hiding the utensils.  Actually, what will happen in reality is that I’ll start keeping an eye open for things they can feature, buying them and stuffing my drawers with more things than I need.

  11. I think it’s time to open a B&B in the Big Mango so we can experience your cooking!! Very impressive presentations!! *drool* And I’d love to get the recipe too!

  12. I just noticed that Maine is one of your “places I want to go before I die.” May I suggest strongly that you stick to Portland only, and ignore the rest of Maine? I loved Portland and found Lewiston and Augusta to be pits of despair.

  13. Congratulations to Tawn! Chris, when is your photo shoot cooking something fabulous? If you don’t get the opportunity before you return to the States, I’m sure that Emily would love to practice her picture taking skills on you!

  14. @Kephirra – Thanks for the travel suggestion.  My interest was mainly (sorry, no pun intended) because my parents have spent the past several summers in one small town where my mother attends a music teaching seminar of some type.  The town sounds lovely and that was what inspired me.  I’ll keep in mind your opinion; maybe it shouldn’t be too high up my list.  =)

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