Saturday Daytime

There’s a little bit of repeat here since I didn’t have pictures ready to go a couple of entries ago.

Saturday morning Anita was still down in the South Bay so I woke up to an empty house.  After pulling on a sweatshirt I walked several blocks to Tartine, the Delfino-owned bakery and cafe at 18th and Guerrero.


I previously mentioned about the French visitors who occupied a pair of tables next to me and helped my sympathize with Tawn.  The food was so good on the first visit that I made a second trip on Tuesday morning.  I’ll combine the pictures into this entry.


The interior is always crowded and there is a large communal table that people – as the name implies – share.  Instead of numbers, they use letters.  Interesting, huh?

First dish: zucchini and tomato quiche


Follow-up dish: morning bun on the left and bread pudding with peaches and olallieberries the size of your thumb on the right.  Remember – this was over two days, not at a single meal.



Later in the morning I headed over to Oakland to meet Bruce and Howie for lunch.  The destination: Zachary’s Pizza.  Celebrating 25 years, Zachary’s deep-dish stuffed crust pizza is an amazing, amazing thing to eat.  Below, the College Avenue location, about two minutes away from Rockridge BART station.


The pizza in question – double crust stuffed with spinach and mushrooms with a spicy tomato sauce on top.


Moments before we dig in.  Bruce on the left and Howie on the right.


Afterwards, we enjoyed the sunny afternoon for a bit before driving back over to the City.  What a treat!


Next entry… Saturday evening and GAPA’s 20th Anniversary Runway show.


News from Tawn:

Tawn arrived in Paris Saturday morning and was enjoying his first day in the city of lights.  While Ryeroam was working Tawn explored the city and enjoyed a little petite dejuener at a sidewalk cafe.



23 thoughts on “Saturday Daytime

  1. Tartine!Lots of people line up in front of the store just to get dessertI think it’s absolutely ridiculous for people to do that…apparently people in SF enjoy doing thatnot only this one, but also some creameries and other venues…Oh, my boyfriend was there for the GAPA Runway…were you ever a member?He was on the board at some point…

  2. I am so glad you are home Chris. I hope you have a marvellous time here before you head back to your real home. I got back last night about 11 pm.  Had a fabulously fantastic trip to Istanbul.
    Lots of love.

  3. @gyjcwang – San Franciscans enjoy lining up for really good food.  I’d argue that Tartine has some of the best pastries in the City.  That was something I really enjoyed about living in the City; it is a great place to be a foodie.
    Didn’t see your boyfriend at Runway but then I don’t know what he looks like.  I’ve never been a GAPA member.  While I’ve long supported their goals and count untold numbers of friends among their membership, I was under the impression that as a potato I couldn’t be a member.

  4. @prachya – It would be so nice to meet you in SF.  Unfortunately, I won’t be back until the 30th and then just overnight as I head down to LA for the weekend of the 1st-3rd.  Why don’t you continue your trip southwards?

  5. I have never been to SF, but I’ve always wanted to go. You are certainly making me want to go again. We were ready to go on our way home from Nevada once, but the morning we were to leave was the big quake. Obviously, that scrapped that idea. That pizza reminds me of a deep dish sourdough pizza Tom and I used to get in Seattle while we were dating. Sadly, the restaurant is closed now.

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