Friday Night

Friday night after arriving in SF at 8:05 I rushed to Anita’s house.  After a little freshening up I walked down the street to Martuni’s, the piano – karaoke bar.  Anne Marie was singing.  While singing isn’t her profession, she takes lessons and has a beautiful voice.  You’ll find her there about once a month, singing from her big book of showtunes and standards.

Below, Albert, Anne Marie and me.


There was quite a crowd and AM had her fan club.  Her parents were in town as well as her sister and brother.  Her sister is also quite the singer and took a couple of turns at the microphone.

Anne Marie’s second set included “I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning” and “Close to You”.  Wonderful job on both.

Later, the pianist was entertaining the crowd with any number of songs that had the audience eating out of his hand, singing along with him.  Below, Albert gets into the act as AM’s sister Carolyn and friend Bill look on.


Arriving home quite late, about 1:00, I took half a sleeping pill and called it a night.  Thankfully, it was a full night’s sleep and I was uninterrupted until the morning’s glow woke me at 8:00 Saturday.


7 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. One small correction, Chris.  AM’s sister is Carolyn, who goes by “Cara.”  Thanks for the amazing coverage of my “client.”  We do have fun and she was thrilled by your surprise arrival.  It was smart for you and I to keep it under wraps!  Love you!

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