Party Like It’s 1977

P1070595 This was meant to be my last entry before leaving for the US, but then I had difficulties uploading the movie to YouTube. 

Strangely, I’ve been directly loading Adobe Flash files from Premiere Elements to YouTube – a built-in feature – and up until last week it worked fine. 

Suddenly, YouTube no longer is able to process the files.  So I’m using a Windows Media File format.  Strange, eh?

Wednesday night Tawn’s employer celebrated their 10th Anniversary in Thailand with a gala costume party, the theme of which was “The Oscars”. 

Everyone dressed up, sometimes in a not so “Oscar” theme.  Tawn decided to go with something in a 1970s theme and so borrowed a few outfits from our designer Ble.

Originally, I was going to post these photos as ostensible outfits Tawn was considering for his trip, but didn’t know if someone might take me seriously!

Rest assured, Tawn didn’t wear anything nearly so outrageous.  Below, some of the other outfits:

P1070602  P1070608

And even I was dragged into the action, so to speak:


Here’s some video:

Hope you enjoyed it!

19 thoughts on “Party Like It’s 1977

  1. Okay the 70’s were strange but I personally don’t remember wearing gold lame. Oh, yeah, I did didn’t I. They say if you remember the 60’s and 70’s you didn’t really live it. Oh dear…

  2. Fun! Loved the video! You and Tawn are so goofy! hahaha I love the closets in the bedroom. They are just like closets in France.In that picture of you with the wig on, it made me realize, you’d love GREAT with hair! (Not that you don’t look good without hair.) But maybe that black hair really brings out your blue eyes? It was something that made your eyes pop and I was like WOW!

  3. LOL, priceless.YouTube drives me crazy sometimes. You’d think with all their money they would have made some real substantial improvements to their interface, but the upload process still sucks. Have fun in the States. If you’re in LA and have free time in LA, let me know.

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