Safe trip in but no window

IMG_5971 Well, I arrived in San Francisco in one piece.  The nine hours of layover in Seoul passed smoothly, spending much of it sleeping in the transit hotel.  I was going to take one of the transit tours to the nearby town of Incheon but the tour times didn’t coincide with when I was awake.  Oh, well.

Left: My plane out of Seoul.  The German-owned catering company did a passable job with the bii-bim-bap.

Sadly, I had a window seat on the Seoul-San Francisco flight that was the only row not to have a window!  So frustrating.  To top it off the man sitting on the aisle was mobility-impaired and so he indicated that I should just clamber over him to get out.  Not convenient at all.  I’ve changed my return flight to have an aisle seat in the center grouping of three seats (it is a 3x3x3 layout) so as to eliminate having to climb over anyone.

IMG_6025 Once I arrived in SF, boy was I pleasantly surprised at the weather.  Perfectly blue skies, light breeze and 26 C.  Just gorgeous weather and it looks like it should continue for the next few days.  I spent my afternoon running a few errands and hanging out with my friends at the SF Int’l Asian American Film Festival. 

So many things to get done.  Most of Thursday was spent in the East Bay where the pleasant weather was reaching Khrungthep-like levels of heat although with significantly less humidity.  I stopped by the villa in San Ramon that my family will rent in October when attending my cousin’s wedding.  There will be 15 of us there, which will make for a full house. 

The good news is, it has quite the kitchen: two full stoves, two full ovens, two refrigerators, two dishwashers, two sinks, and all the supplies you would need.  I can’t wait to cook in it.!

Lunch this afternoon with a former colleague, Matt, and a colleague from even further back whom I thought was still living in South Carolina.  My, how times change when you don’t stay up on all this.

Tonight, dinner with my aunt and uncle.  They suggested we go out for Thai food.  I hope they were joking.


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