In transit at Incheon

Greetings from the business center of the Incheon (Seoul) Airport transit hotel.  My flight from Khrungthep arrived this morning about 6:30 and my connecting flight to San Francisco isn’t until 4:30 this afternoon.  As I expected, sleeping on the 5-hour flight was not possible, especially since at check-in I discovered that the equipment had been downgraded to a less comfortable B767 from the usual B777.

After sleeping for two hours, I’m ready to get some food and then figure out if it is feasible for me to take the transit tour into the nearby city of Incheon.  We’ll see.  Anyone need me to pick up some kimchi on the way over?


3 thoughts on “In transit at Incheon

  1. Bill would love some kimchi! or some other yummy Korean snack food.
    I know you’ll be in the bay area for a wedding. How long are you in town? We’ll be in up north til Monday. Hmmm…I bet your social calendar is already full Have a good flight.

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