Did I really leave my heart here?

IMG_6026 It is really nice to be back in San Francisco, yet this visit reconfirms the sentiment I’ve felt on previous visits: it is a nice place to visit, but it isn’t home.  I’ve been able to see a lot of friends over the first few days, have spent a fair amount of time driving (the way people drive here seems to be a good metaphor for American societal values as a whole – super agressive in a “race to the red light” sort of way, but really in their own little worlds and not paying attention at all), and have eaten moderate amounts of food that I miss.

Left: First stop on my arrival was Macy’s Union Sqare and a quick lunch at Boudin’s: clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl.  You can argue that there is better clam chowder elsewhere in the city, and maybe even better bread, but the two are a classic combination that really capture some of what’s great about San Francisco and Northern California’s culinary heritage.

IMG_6055-1 Yesterday I met up with Fiona, a university class mate whose wedding Tawn and I attended several years ago, but with whom I had lost touch. 

Thanks to LinkedIn, we were able to reconnect and made plans for lunch.  Fiona and her husband have an adorable son, Dominic, and just gave birth to a second son, Zachary. 

Dominic has the best of both his parents’ looks and has the longest, waviest eyelashes.  I think you can just see them in the picture to the right

Dominic was a little shy at first, but soon warmed up after he saw the box of Thai desserts I had brought him to try. 

Fiona and I had fun catching up; it is amazing how people’s lives progress.  Since graduation, Fiona has been working in Human Resources for a high-tech compnay that actually is a customer of my company’s.  Little did I know!  

I’m glad that there are an  increasing number of technologies available to help us stay in touch – and reconnect – with  friends. 

Below, Dominic, Zachary and I pose for a picture after lunch at Willow Street Pizza in San Jose.



3 thoughts on “Did I really leave my heart here?

  1. Oh my god you actually found her and even met up with her! At least you were successful in meeting up with the ever elusive Fiona. Her kids are adorable. Looking forward to your updates about her.

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