Now That’s Real Value!

I shave, nearly every day.  And that’s just my face.  On top of it, every two weeks or so I shave my head.  That’s a lot of shaving and the search for a quality shaving foam has been a tough one.  There was a Nivea shaving cream that I used to buy in Hong Kong, but the company no longer sells it in Asia, only in the Middle East.  I even emailed them to ask if I could buy a case of it directly from the company.  They did respond – points for them – but said that it was only available from retailers.


But last year while I was in Kansas City, I bought a cake of Williams Mug Shaving Soap.  Their slogan: “For a lasting lather.”  And I was super-impressed.  Not only with the quality of the lather and the fact it stays wet for a good length of time, but also with how long the cake of soap lasted.  I bought the soap at the end of last March and have been using the same cake – near daily – since then.  In the picture, you can see the remnants of the cake on the left.  Yes, it lasted a whole year!  And this from a cake of soap that is 2mm thick with a 6 mm diameter (0.8 x 2.4 inches). 

Better yet, the soap cost me only 79 cents!  Now, that’s real value.


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