Have Class Photos EVER Taken so Long?

How many times have you read in this blog that school is over for the year?  I think I’ve said it multiple times and yet it doesn’t quite seem to end.  This morning Tod and I drove down to Bangkhonthiinai.  Ajarn Yai told me that there would be no class today, which I took to mean that the teachers had an in-service day or something.  She told me last week that she was ordering some yellow polo shirts for me to bring to my family and they would be ready today for me to pick up.

NEWSFLASH: The ubiquitous yellow shirts celebrating His Majesty’s 60th Anniversary on the Throne are, literally, so last year.  This year we celebrate the King’s 80th birthday, so we have yellow shirts with an all-new, specially designed crest on them to commemorate the event.  Get yours now!

Tod and I arrived with the expectation that there would be no school, so also had the expectation that there would be no students.  But there was school and there were students.  Thankfully, though, there wasn’t any English language instruction since I hadn’t prepared a lesson!

Instead, the task of the day – literally, the sole task – was to take a group photo of the ten sixth graders and their teachers.  Ajarn Yai is one fussy person!  We took a whole series of pictures outside in the playground but upon inspection, Ajarn Yai pronounced them not acceptable.  So we took another series on the steps where I first posed for a picture with the students last July, when I stumbled across the school on a bicycle ride.  Those worked out a bit better.  See below.


Since I’ll be in the US next week, I thought it would be nice to mail my sixth graders congratulations cards from there.  I doubt any of them have ever received a letter from abroad.  Many of them have possibly never received a letter, period.  It took each student a good five minutes to write out their address and they wrote it in very formal Thai.  For example, before writing the address they wrote “Address House Number” before writing the address.  They wrote “Amphoe” before writing the name of the amphoe or district they live in.  They wrote “Zip Code” before the postal code.  Etcetera.

Here’s a more casual picture of just the students.  From left to right, back row first: Ploy, Sorasak, Gornuwat, Piyachat, Chairat.  Front row: Wanwisa B., Metta, Tamolwan, Wanwisa W., and Pagawan.


After all of the retakes, Tod and I decided to stay for lunch since Ajarn Yai insisted they had already prepared extra food for us.

Now, for real, school is over.  Tune in again in late May to see the new school year get started.  But of course, keep reading because there’s plenty more going on here in the meantime!


2 thoughts on “Have Class Photos EVER Taken so Long?

  1. If I were there, I’d have asked the students to fold their arms and legs in unison, in a matched and synchronized manner. Make them look like boy/girl bands.

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