Bridge and Tunnel Boys

This weekend’s big purchase was a Philips combo waffle iron, sandwich maker, and George Foreman-style grill.  The waffle maker was the major attraction – who really uses those sandwich makers anyhow?  The best thing about it is that the plates are actually removable, making clean-up much easier.

So Sunday morning I cooked my first batch of waffles on the new iron.  Used a recipe for fresh ginger and applesauce waffles.  I substituted whole wheat for half the flour in the recipe, which made them a bit more dense than usual.  But very tasty.

While at Siam Paragon, the huge shopping center that opened in December, I was echoing a sentiment that Tod expressed, that it really has become the center of gay Bangkok.  The place is just swarming with family.  Tawn’s response was that on a Saturday afternoon, it is “filled with bridge and tunnel boys waiting for DJ Station to open.” 

Which I thought was incredibly funny.

“Bridge and tunnel crowd” is a Manhattan-centric term to describe people who live outside the city and come in for partying.  While there are bridges here, there are no tunnels, so the idea of a bridge and tunnel crowd in Bangkok is just really funny.  Even more so that Tawn picked up the expression.

There must be an equally exclusive Thai term to refer to people from the other side of the river.

Anyhow, after just two days this week we’re already at the weekend.  Songkran, the Buddhist New Year, is a 3-day holiday that results in a 5-day weekend this year.  I still have to work, but don’t have school so it is a quasi-holiday for me.

The traditional celebrations, which include washing Buddha images and lightly sprinkling water on the hands of your elders, has undergone a transition in the past generation and in more heavily-trafficked areas (Khaosan Road, Silom, Royal City Avenue) there is a great deal of partying and water fights.

Don’t know if we’ll participate in any wet t-shirt contests or not.  The nice thing is that a lot of the local population leaves the city to return to their hometowns in the provinces, so traffic is really, really light.  In fact, we’re considering looking for a deal at one of the hotels in town and just do an overnight vacation.

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