Gecko on the Balcony

Yesterday afternoon we had lunch at the Central Chidlom Food Loft, kind of a high end food court, with Tawn’s schoolmate Jack and Jack’s boyfriend David, who is visiting from Sydney.  Jack just returned recently from several years studying in Sydney.  David is looking at selling his house and moving here.  He seems like a nice person.  I’m having a hard time telling just how their relationship is set up, though.  I guess their interactions when I’ve seen them are different than what I’d expect from a couple who is going to shortly be shortening the physical distance between them.  But each couple is different, I suppose.

Since it was the first day of Songkran, or more accurately the eve of Songkran, there were people splashing water all over the place.  Whole families – mostly from the outskirts of town – would pile in the pack of pickup trucks with a 50-gallon barrel of water, and drive around town splashing people and shooting water guns.  Other groups would set up shop along the side of the road, especially aiming for motorcyclists who were driving by.  Needless to say, the fatality rate is quite high over this period.

When we were pulling out of the condo complex, one of our neighbors was standing by the street splashing passers by.  It was kind of sad, really.  She is Thai and has a child and presumably a farang husband although we never see him.  The child was nowhere about and she was just by herself at the side of Asoke, laughing and splashing people as they drove by.  Seemed like she was having fun, though.

As we were waiting for a break in traffic, I wanted to catch a picture so I asked Tawn to roll down the driver’s side window so I could get a clear view.  We didn’t turn down the volume of the stereo and so when the window lowered, the sound of the music attracted her attention.  Before we knew it, a bucket of water was headed our way, through the driver’s side window.  Left: A half second before the splash.

Tawn bore the brunt of the splash and his calm Buddhist patience was tested to the very last straw as he froze in shock for half a minute, not knowing what to say and just barely containing the rising anger.  Fortunately, he retained control and didn’t hop out of the car and “get all kung-fooey” with her.

We met for drinks at Eddy’s house, now supposedly haunted by a spirit from one of the antique mirrors he purchased.  More on that some other time.  We all went out for dinner afterwards at Sompong, the seafood restaurant on the outskirts of the Ekkamai-Ram Intra district that we’ve been to before.  Very good food, very fresh, and quite reasonably priced. 


Left: Chris, Tawn, Tao, Jack, David, Eddy and Ble.  Right: about 1/6th of Sompong restaurant.

Woke up this morning about 7:00 to light rain.  Unusual to have moring rain here in Bangkok.  Unusual to have light rain.  The whole thing was strange.  About twenty minutes later the rain had stopped and the sun came out and things started getting really humid.

Most of the day was spent on my computer working on several projects for work.  Tawn went out to Siam Paragon to hang out with Pim.  He bought a Lacoste polo shirt that he had ordered – 20% off from the retail price.  It is interesting how some people look at things from the perspective of how much of a discount they can get, while others look at the price of things from a “what was the final price” perspective.

Finishing up the twelth document I had to write, proofread, and convert into an Adobe PDF file, I looked out to my balcony and noticed that a portion of the floor was moving.  Turned out to be a small gecko that had nicely blended in to the tan pepples and concrete background. 

For dinner we joined Tod at Bella Napoli for pizza, pasta, antipasto and tiramisu.  He’s doing well and managed to stay dry over Songkran.  Word on the street is that his partner from San Francisco, Darrin, may be making it over for a visit later this year.  A first timer in Thailand… should be fun!


4 thoughts on “Gecko on the Balcony

  1. Hi Chris. 🙂 Haven’t checked out your blog in a while, so I thought I’d pop in and say hiiiiiii.
    So why do people throw water at each during Songkran? What’s the whole purpose of the festival?
    Must say though.. it sounds like a festival I’d enjoy partaking in.. teehee.

  2. Basically, the water fights are an evolution from the traditional bathing ceremony. Basically, you’re supposed to wash the Buddha statues and pour scented water over your elders’ hands as a sign of respect. That somehow was extrapolated in the past generation to become light splashing of water and then, more recently, full-fledged water fights and foam parties with corporate sponsors.

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