Rainy Season Finally Arrives

This has been an unusually dry monsoon season in Thailand. So much so, that much of the country has been suffering from drought. September is typically the rainiest month by far, and true to form, it brought relief from the dry weather.


For the most part, the rains have been tolerable. Sometimes heavy, but none of the severe flooding that torrential monsoon rains are known for. Our soi (small street) is prone to flooding after as little as 30 minutes of heavy rain. So far, there has been no need to put on the waders!


The thing I like best about the rainy season is the cloudy, overcast weather. It amazes me, how much cooler the temperatures are when we are not baking in the direct sun. This time of year is also breezy, which helps keep temperatures more tolerable.

Now that October has arrived, the rains should decrease in frequency and by November, the relatively cooler “cool season” will arrive. This coincides with the start of a new job, which I will take as an auspicious sign.


15 thoughts on “Rainy Season Finally Arrives

  1. I remember how bloody hot and humid it was when I visited last year…I felt like I was melting. 😛 Glad it’s a bit cooler and you didn’t get flooded. 🙂

  2. We could use some rains here Chris. We had a lot of rains in early winter, but since early September, we have seen very few showers. I am glad you are having some good rains. Every tree and other things sing so beautifully after a good pouring of the natural water.
    Here’s that flower again. We had this huge tree in the corner of the homestead in India, and these beautiful fragrant flowers would carpet the lawn. I wish I knew what the name is in Urdu or Tamil or English. Lot of childhood memories associated with this flower.
    Love and hugs.

  3. Congratulations on the new job, Chris. Hope it is the start of another beautiful chapter.

    I got a taste of the rainy weather of South East Asia when I went to Thailand and I got a taste of it whilst I’ve been here in Taiwan… it really does rain a lot around these parts of the world!

  4. We just had our first big rain storm here yesterday on the Washington Coast.
    I love the red brick, or looks to me like red brick, in the streets there.

  5. we could use some rain here. it gets as high as 34-37 degrees daily. i sweat each morning just by putting on my socks and shoes.

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