A Little Bit of Nature

Short entry here. Was cutting down a tomato plant in my balcony garden as the growing season has ended. Amidst the leaves was a short thread that must have drifted down from someone’s laundry drying on a higher floor. How long the thread was stuck on the plant, I can’t say. What caught my eye, though, was that some sort of spores were growing from the thread, looking like eyelashes. I was fascinated at this example of how nature works.


0 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Nature

  1. I am surprised to read that the growing season for the tomatoes is over. We grew them all the way into December and January if I am not mistaken. Do you need to put the plants in larger pots so they would continue to bloom to fruits? May be pruning them will allow them to regrow for a longer time.That piece of thread and the spores attached to it, is fascinating. Beautiful indeed.

  2. @ZSA_MD – My balcony faces southwest and I only get direct sunlight from about October through April. The tomatoes don’t do so well when they don’t get sun.@PPhilip – There you go – an explanation.@Wangium – Kind of looks like one, huh?@something_in_progress – Oh, lemon… I’m jealous. Would love to have citrus growing on my balcony.@murisopsis – One of those little things about me, a product of my upbringing (particularly something my father told me time and again as I grew up), is my attention to details like this.@iskrak – It promptly went into the trash; not something I need to keep about.@Inciteful – That’s very true.@Grannys_Place – I’m sure it was a long journey!@beowulf222 – That’s why I get a bit frustrated when people concerned about climate change (which I think is a real issue) go on about “saving the Earth”. Nature doesn’t need us to save it; it will do just fine on its own. We need to be more concerned about saving ourselves!@Fatcat723 – No way to stop Mother Nature…

  3. @christao408 – I agree with you for the most part, except that I think we human overburden the earth with our trash. My concern is that we produce more trash quicker than earth can deal with it. And I am absolutely with you on climate change.

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