A Room with a View

Cleaning up my company laptop before returning it, I came across some orphan photos that I never shared. Interesting odds and ends like this one:

A toilet at Singapore Changi airport that offers urinal users an expansive view of the tarmac. One imagines that travels could end up standing there much longer than needed, fascinated watching the airplanes coming and going, resulting in long queues for the toilet. Much nicer than the usual airport toilet, no?

0 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. Wonder how many DON’T use the ones on the right. Or else, the lines are shorter for the ones on the right, especially if one needs to really go..

  2. strange but i thought about how being in a closed off bathroom environment instead of a window-lit one possibly makes your mind think the bathroom stinks more than it really does…

  3. It was at the Singapore airport in ’92 that I first saw the sensor loaded wash basins. I was in the business class lounge and had a few hours of lay over before my next flight to Chennai India, so I thought I would take a shower. I was very impressed with the bathrooms and the shower area.

  4. In the felix restaurant on top of Peninsular hotel they used the window glass as the urinal. So you stand there, look at the city light and people walking in the street below, and you just pee. Too bad they replaced these ‘urinals’ already.

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