The Pawn Building in the 1960s

After posting the write-up of dinner at The Pawn in Wan Chai, which is located in a nearly 100-year old building, Angel happened to find a picture of the building from the 1960s. Makes for a fascinating comparison.

Relatively recent picture.

And a picture from the 1960s.

What most strikes me is that you can see the hills behind Wan Chai – no skyscrapers! Standing in front of the building today, you have no sense of the nearby geography, only the sheer vertical nature of the cityscape.

0 thoughts on “The Pawn Building in the 1960s

  1. @agmhkg – You are my Google expert. LOL@stepaside_loser – You have to clear away the gating and the windows in the 1960s picture to see the beautiful balconies.@rudyhou – ‘Bout time you show that building some respect, Rudy! =P LOL@grannykaren – Pretty sure the top story was there all along. You can see the half-height walls on the top story in both pictures.@ElusiveWords – One word: landfill. No, seriously, there is a lot of new development finally happening around the old Kai Tak airport property. Surprised it took so long.@n_e_i_l – Thank goodness the mountains can still be seen from most areas. For now…@SherryAngeLMysteriez – Erased or hidden… at least there is still a nice network of parks, trails, and open spaces even on Hong Kong Island.@secade – Exactly, one is cosmetic and the other is obscuring.@Fatcat723 – @slmret – Impressive, isn’t it?@CurryPuffy – Maybe Kennedy Road?@beowulf222 – Would be fascinating to see more pictures of how that area developed over the years.

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