Maui Memories

Some more photos from our week in Maui.


View from our condo’s lanai (balcony) in Kihei on the south side of Maui. This is on the northern end of town looking south.


From the deck on the building’s roof looking north towards the neck of Maui.


Tawn watches the sunset from the beautifully manicured lawn.


Sunset over the west part of Maui on our second evening there. You can just see the windmills that line the ridge of the mountain.




0 thoughts on “Maui Memories

  1. @CurryPuffy – Glad you liked it Gary.@ElusiveWords – Surprisingly, the condos were quite reasonable, cheaper than on Kauai. For a 2 bed/2 bath we paid about $180 per night including fees. Really a decent price, once split between the two couples.@Inciteful – @murisopsis – I wish you could have a chance to experience it. It is every bit as nice as you would expect.@ungrandvoyage – Thanks Andy.@UncCharlie – Maui’s beauty is hard to overstate.@alextebow – @Fatcat723 – Yeah, I’m having withdrawal.@stepaside_loser – @beowulf222 – When I first saw the lawn, I doubted whether it was real.@icapillas – And for a wedding!@slmret – They could have lined the entire neck of Maui with windmills, it was so windy!  

  2. stunning view. looks very windy, though. as for the third pic, i thought you were peeping tom-ing a stranger. but then i read the word TAWN under it. ok, guess you’re allowed 😉 ps: tawn has a very pale skin. paler than mine it seems. sexy legs, though ;p

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