Andy and Sugi – The Wedding

Last Sunday fellow Xangan Andy was married to Sugi at the King Kamehameha Country Club on Maui. I shared one picture a few days ago, but let me share a few more for my family and friends who know the couple.


Beautiful view of the wedding site, which offered a sweeping vista from one end of the Maui neck to the other.


The flower girl (Sugi’s niece Taylor) and ring bearer (Andy’s nephew Cayden) needed a little encouragement.


The bride is escorted by her father, Mike. As soon as she started down the aisle, tears started flowing. And lest you think that Andy is some tough guy, he started crying, too.


Sugi and Andy exchange rings. A Shinto priest from the temple close to Sugi’s family’s house in Pa’ia performed the ceremony.


Sealing the deal with a kiss. The flower girl, Taylor, is barefoot because she said her shoes hurt her feet.


The newlywed couple walk down the aisle.


The bride’s sister and matron of honor, Jessica, escorted by the groom’s best man Travis. The flower girl is Taylor, Jessica’s three-year old daughter.


The bride’s mother and father. Beautiful Japanese-themed dress and cloak!


The bride and her nearly 95-year old grandfather, who was the hit of the party.


The couple immediately after the ceremony!


Tawn poses with the flower girl while she still had her sandals on!

P1000573 - 001

Andy W (obscured by request), Kenny, me, Tawn, Sugi, Andy, Fei, and Travis. Fei and Travis went to high school in Omaha with Andy.


The groom and bride address the guests. I was the emcee for the event and, with only a short while to practice, had to introduce all the out of town guests and family members!


The beautiful wedding cake. They went for a small cake because the main desserts were pie including my favorite macadamia nut cream pie!

P1000603 P1000624

Tawn and I pose with one of the cutest children at the wedding, Chinasa. The friend of Sugi’s college roommate, Chinasa was this perfectly calm one-year old who didn’t mind everybody holding her. No fussing, no crying. But she kept a poker face the whole time and was slow to smile!

It was a beautiful wedding – one of the nicest I’ve been to – and we were really glad we made the effort to fly over to be a part of it. Congratulations to Andy and Sugi and may you have many happy years together!


0 thoughts on “Andy and Sugi – The Wedding

  1. I know it is said all the time – the bride was beautiful and the groom a handsome gentleman. I love the outdoor wedding. Here it is common to be married on the beach. You and Tawn and you both had beautiful dates – maybe a little young lolol.

  2. I don’t think there are many shinto priests here on the mainland but I am wondering what religion sect of Shinto the priest is but that point is just for me an Japanophile.What a bunch of photos. Good work and explainations.

  3. Awww… *sniff* what a gorgeous wedding. I heard you were the emcee but I thought you had a lot more prep time (hahaha…). The pictures are beautiful, I love everything about this entry and it made me smile. I thought back to your wedding with Tawn as well. Thanks for sharing the pictures (more to come?)

  4. Congradulations to Andy and Sugi, the wedding cake is defintely out of this world beautiful. Chris, thankss very much for sharing the happy occasion.

  5. Oh, I was waiting for the photos. Very beautiful. And may I add for the umpteenth time in the direction to Andy (@yang1815) – finally the deal is sealed.

  6. The green grass and fields make for beautiful wedding pictures. Both the grandfather and the flower girl look adorable haha. What did the grandfather do to be the hit of the party?

  7. a beautiful location for a wedding. tawn looks nice and trendy. as always. thumbs up to him. glad to see u guys not in suits for i will opt for wearing something comfortable myself. if i had my way, i would make all weddings that set in a tropical climate to include a dress code in casual linens khaki and sandals. people should be casual to feel comfortable n to be themselves. i hate it when i have to attend weddings here. im always sweating a bucket when im in a suit. ps: that hawaiian shirt suits you. blue is definitely your color.

  8. I just wanted to thank Chris and Tawn again for attending the wedding first of all, and Chris being the MC with not much time to prepare hehe… And also thanks for taking the photos and sharing them. This is a beautiful post! Love you both!!!@Fatcat723 – Thanks!@Ricardo98 – Yeah I couldn’t have asked for a better spot.@slmret – @ZSA_MD – @Roadlesstaken – @murisopsis – @hilabpartnerxD – @Sheegwa – @paperblanks – @stevew918 – @beowulf222 – @mizz_chan – @Grannys_Place – @smile4leena – Thanks!@CurryPuffy – They were sitting upfront on the first row. Not so much camera shy but I think both of them were busy taking photos too haha.@beowulf222 – Haha finally!!!

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